in with the new…

Another year has passed… and what an eventful and beautiful year it was!


Whew!  A year goes by pretty fast, doesn’t it?!


I am so very excited about 2014, friends!  Yes, I have created my list of resolutions… it’s a short one… I mean, who wants to fail hard at a long list, right?!  Just kidding!  I made it short in order to make it possible.  I am not planning to share my list today, although I may share later… but I can say that it all revolves around me becoming a better steward of what I’ve been given: my time, my finances, my family, my health…

This month, I celebrate a year of blogging!  Join me as I celebrate, reflect, and look forward to another year!

Irish blessins

Happy New Year, friends!



One thought on “in with the new…

  1. Oh my word!! I was almost in tears, this was so good!! You are getting so tech-y!!! Loved it all…your kids are so beautiful, your daughter…my goodness, is gorgeous and your Little Man is going to have to have a name change soon, lol. Love the new picture of you and your beloved. And….drum roll….love the new look on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve been busy! Wishing you a wonderful kickoff to the New Year friend of mine. Blessings abundant be yours. Love you!
    nannette ♥

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