Happy, Happy, Happy

I absolutely love this time of year!


Following a very busy, blissful Christmas morning, the tree and decorations were lovingly packed away until next season.  I mean RIGHT AFTER Christmas morning! Like 10:00 AM! Eastern time!!  You see, Little Man was born the day after Christmas and it has become a long standing tradition of mine to UNdecorate quickly so that his birthday is Christmas-free.  Please don’t get me wrong… We carry the Christ Child in our hearts year-round; and Little Man is thrilled to share the birthday season with Him!  But… I need the 26th to be free of the Christmas hype and all about having a simple birthday celebration.  No Christmas wrappings, no Christmas tree (although I did take down the ornaments one year and REdecorated the tree with balloons, streamers, and cookies… but it was a huge chore!)… just Little Man.


Little Man is twelve now… and my heart is breaking.  It dawned on me as we snuggled on the morning of his birthday (yes, he will still snuggle… I absolutely love that!) that next year all my kids will be teen agers.  Sigh.

Following the celebrations, Beyblade tournaments, Yu-Gi-Oh duels, and sleep overs, it was time to celebrate again.  Today.  Today is my anniversary!


Nineteen years ago today I married my best friend.  And what a journey these 19 years have been!!  There are so many beautiful, wonderful things about my Hubby that I love.  I have retyped the list here a dozen times… but it always comes out seeming so trite. so small.  And there is nothing trite about our relationship!  I love that it is OBVIOUS in a million tiny ways and a trillion more big ones that GOD GAVE HIM TO ME.  He is my beloved and I am his.


Yes, I love this time of year.  I love the countdowns.  I love the reflections.  I love the “In Memoriam” videos that play and the recap segments on TV.  And– yes– I am the one who shells out nearly $20 a year to by the People magazine yearbook… I cannot help myself!  I love looking back and reflecting… and then looking forward and dreaming.  There is so much hope in this season!

Happy Birthday, Little Man.

Happy Anniversary, Hubby.

Happy New Year, friends!!




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