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Random Act of Kindness (Day 30)

Random Act of Kindness (Day 30)

It’s the next to last day of the 31 Day Challenge… and I am looking forward to a little bit of a break.  My mind needs to rest a bit.  Check in with me tomorrow for the last day of the challenge… and then join me on Monday for Monday Praises.  This time, my oldest … Continue reading

Some Personal Praise (Day 10)

Some Personal Praise (Day 10)

It’s day 10 of the 31 Days challenge.  I am writing for 31 Days on the topic of PRAISE! It is my business to praise my Heavenly Father… and praise Him I will!! My friends, it has been a rainy, dreary week so far in the state where nothing could be finer.  Tropical storm Karen … Continue reading

Desire to Inspire #6: Time with God

  Mondays are typically my day to link up with A Royal Daughter and “Desire to Inspire”.  My goal has been to inspire others to actively pray for their spouse.  But, I felt led to change the direction today. Over the weekend I linked up with She Reads Truth to celebrate their one year anniversary.  … Continue reading

Desire to Inspire #5

Hubby has been gone nearly a week to Atlanta.  If they get finished with all their meetings, he will be home tonight!  So, that leads me to this week’s Desire to Inspire… Praying for my husband’s job. Hubby works in the propane industry.  And to be completely honest, that industry is not very secure right … Continue reading

Desire to Inspire #4

I have been praying for my Hubby each day.  His health is still poor, he has had quite a tough week at work, and he is getting ready for a much unwanted business trip.  And I have continued praying.  I have even emailed him a few of my prayers just to let him know that … Continue reading

Desire to Inspire #3

I accepted the call from Amanda at A Royal Daughter to “desire to inspire”.  I thought really hard about how I could use my story to inspire others.  I feel God has given me my part.  I have taken on the task to inspire others to pray for their husbands. It has been my desire … Continue reading

Desire to Inspire #2

I have been reading from Praying God’s Word for Your Husband.  It is a very good book.  But I have to be honest… I am not finding what I am needing at this moment in those pages.  But, through reading her beautifully written prayers (based on God’s scriptures) I am making a choice to take … Continue reading

Desire to Inspire #1

After reading a post from A Royal Daughter, I was inspired to… well, inspire! The rule here is, I am not to write about what inspires me… I am to write in order to inspire others.  But what do I have to offer?  I am just a lowly sinner, a servant of God, who can … Continue reading