My word of the year for 2014 was “stewardship”. I wouldn’t say I failed, but there is definitely a learning curve to becoming a better steward of what God has given you.

I was convinced that “stewardship” was to remain my word in 2015. There is still much to learn and much to do. I feel I have only scratched the surface… but recently, I have felt God nudging me to choose a different word for the new year.

Nudging is too soft a word. God has been shouting it at me; throwing it at me… I think He has stopped just shy of having neon lights flashing it in my face (and I would not be surprised if I saw them tomorrow). My new word is REST.


Rest? Me?

Anyone who has spent any time on my blog or instagram know that I am not resting…

Exodus 31:13 …Above all you shall keep my Sabbaths, for this is a sign between me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I, the Lord, sanctify you. (ESV)

Above all?? I have been lacking in the “keeping the Sabbath” department… for, like, my whole life… I have clearly not been putting it “above all”…

But God is urging me in a big way to start.

But where do I start? I have read some wonderful articles and an awesome book (24/6 by Matthew Sleeth). I have also read some very convincing articles by Christian leaders denouncing keeping the Sabbath because of Paul’s teaching in the New Testament (see Colossians 2:16-17 —but I think this is taken out of context).

So, I am starting in great prayer… and right here with you. I welcome your comments (if any of you are still out there) about how you– or IF you– keep the Sabbath in this very hectic world.

What I think is that I will be redefining the Sabbath… at least as it pertains to Amy, Husband, Big Girl, and Little Man. And I think that is ok. The point, as I see it, is to reconnect with God. I need to allow Him to re-energize me, mold me, teach me. That is what Sabbath was created for…

I look forward to hearing from you. And if you have nothing to share, I ask that you at least join me in prayer. This journey is bound to take me outside of my comfort zone…



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