The One Where I Come Back… sorta…

I have been gone a long time.  Truly, I was not intending to take such a long leave of absence… but God has given me rest during this length of time and I am praising Him for all He has done and continues to do in my life!

You may have noticed that my title today says I’m “sorta” back…  While being away has left me rested, it has also had me asking questions about where I want to go from here.  God has many new ventures planned for me and I want to embrace each one as His image-bearer… and I am praying about what part this blog will play in all of that.

You would think with all this time I have had away, I would have organized in my head something profound to say on my first post back.  Nope.  There has been too much!  An amazing Easter, a God-filled testing season, an incredible family vacation, a new pastor– AND FRIEND!–, and getting ready for a busy year with my new children’s group!  I promise I will organize my thoughts a bit more and share with you all!

For now, I can say I have missed writing.  I have missed my community of friends.  I am looking forward to the next leg of my journey with Christ and sharing with you all He is doing in my life.  I am planning a Monday Praises for this Monday (if I can get myself organized!!), so I hope you will all join me and link up!

Love to you all!






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