Monday Praises #29

So, a week ago I wrote about the song “One Touch” and alluded to the fact that there would be more posts about the song and what it meant to me… and then I didn’t add any more posts!  That is kinda where my head is at the moment.  In the state where nothing could be finer, we have had more than our fair share of snow, sleet, and ice.  As a teacher, that means I am scrounging to get kids caught up.  As a teacher with an end of grade test, that means I am struggling to make sure the kids understand the concepts well enough to take the test!  That adds a layer of stress that I am not used to, and that I definitely do not enjoy!

But, despite all the stress of make up days, ice days, and testing forays, I am still in a full mode of praise! And God has given me plenty to praise Him for!  Let me give you a recap of my praiseworthy weekend!

FRIDAY– Little Man was asked to sing at a dance at our school.  It was a father/daughter and mother/son dance and there was a crowd people in attendance.  We were not able to stay and enjoy the dance because we had family in town, but Hubby and I took him so that he could sing.  When they introduced him, a crowd of girls (all 12 and younger) gathered in front of him.  This large group was joined by another layer of moms who wanted to hear him sing.  As soon as the music started, dozens of cameras and phones appeared to video my little guy and the sounds of adoring fans singing along could be heard above the music.  When his song came to a close, he was swarmed by the crowds as if he were one of the Beatles or something!  First grade girls were giggling and trying to get close to him!  People were asking to have their picture taken with him!  All Hubby and I could do was stand back and watch the scene unfold.  It was an amazing sight!

SATURDAY MORNING– We took part in our third annual Stop Hunger Now event.  Within two hours, our small band of workers (ranging in ages from 3-90) had packaged over 10K meals for a third world country in need (we won’t know the destination of our meals for a few more months).  I watched my nieces help out as the two youngest workers… and I have to admit I was a bit stressed that they were going to spill the rice and soy.  But they were marvelous!  And seeing my own kids– who are old hats at this business– take to their jobs with ease and work up quite a sweat… it did this mama proud!

SATURDAY NIGHT-  Hubby and I took the boys from our Scoring for Christ group (made up mainly of boys from Hubby’s football team who needed support and a safe place to hang out) out for pizza.  Thank the Lord it was buffet night!  We had eight eaters… and with a stop in the game room in between, they made two full meals out of the hour and a half there!  Hahaha!  They were so excited and so gracious… and to hear DB tell me he loved me just made my heart full!

SUNDAY- Sundays are always full of God’s blessings.  Everyday is, but I guess Sunday is more obvious.  Our worship service was pure praise led by our girl scouts.  Our choir practices were extremely successful.  And the cherry on top was that Hubby was able to go before our church board of trustees with the proposal for the new sound system with the knowledge that it was paid in full (thanks to the Rhett Walker Band concert, the steak supper, and some very generous donations).  We can see the light at the end of that very long tunnel and it is obvious that God is in control.  His timing is perfect.

Friends, I like sharing music videos on my Monday posts… and today will be no different.  This time, however, my music has a bit more meaning.  While driving my crew of boys for pizza, I was tickled to hear one of the boys singing.  He was wearing headphones and had no idea he was singing out loud.  When we arrived at the restaurant, we teased him a little and he asked if I wanted to hear the music he was singing.  I was a little nervous.  I could not imagine we had the same taste in music, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  This song blared through… and I was pleasantly surprised!  It is a long, long song… and praise and worship can sometimes be.  But it is great! And I have been singing it ever since!!  Enjoy!


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Now, it’s your turn!  Link up your stories of praise!!  To God be all the glory!  Make sure to link directly to your post, not just your homepage!


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