Monday Praises #24

Folks, I am tired… but immensely happy!  This weekend started out so bad and ended up incredibly well.  Thank you, Jesus.

Tonight, we hosted the youth group at our house for the Super Bowl party.  The hubby grilled wings and I got the house as clean as it has been in ages… and we opened our doors to more than 25 people.  I had no idea our little house could hold that many people at one time!  We played games throughout the football game, asking trivia questions and giving timed challenges… all to earn yummy candy bars and Hershey kisses.

I am not a big football fan.  That’s hubby’s sport.  Mine is hockey.  I do not even have a football team that I hold any loyalty to… until Ann Voskamp posted this video.

This video had a profound effect on me.  I wanted to support these men, these players.  I wanted to be a part of the 12th man because it felt like I was supporting people who weren’t just playing for money… they were playing for God.  And then they made it to the Super Bowl.  And they won the Super Bowl.  And Russell Wilson thanked God for getting him to that place.  And it was the perfect ending to the football season.

Right now I am praising God for football and players who recognize that He is bigger than the game.  I am praising God for our youth and knowing that they could have been anywhere else, but they chose to be at our house playing our lame games.  And I am praising God just because I can… and that rocks!


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4 thoughts on “Monday Praises #24

  1. Having a house full of teens is so much fun! I’m so thankful that you’re willing to open your home to them!

    Thanks for hosting, Amy 🙂 I hope your week is full of sweetness!

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