What I have learned about blogging so far…

In another life, a long time ago, I had another blog where I wrote about my journey through weightloss.  And weight gain.  And loss.  And more gain… well, you get the picture.  At that time, I had 2 readers… who often had better things to read… I knew nothing about the blog world. I knew nothing about blog hops and linky parties.  I pretty much wrote to get my frustrations out.

This time around, I have learned a bit more.  Just a bit.  There is so much I don’t know.  So much I have yet to learn.  But, I feel I have more purpose here… and just a few more followers.

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1.  Everybody has a blog. Really. No, really.  These days it seems like everyone has a blog.  Men and women, people of all ages, even pets have a blog!!  There are literally thousands of blogs out there!  There are cooking blogs, scrapbooking blogs, fashion blogs… there are a whole mess of blogs!

I was not aware of all of this when I started WHWG.  I knew I wasn’t alone, but I had no idea just how many blogs were out there.  When I began, I didn’t have a purpose other than to speak my heart.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would see it… I knew nothing of reader sites like bloglovin or feedly.  I have no mission statement or purpose, so I became just one in a billion bloggers and one of thousands who blog for Christ.

2. It is all about community.  With all those bloggers out there, it is best to stick your neck out and make friends!  Read blogs, leave comments, join link ups and bloghops.

WHWG was a lonely blog and I was a lonely blogger for what seemed like an eternity.  I quite literally had to ask someone to explain what it meant to link up.  Their answer was so confusing, I just decided I would try to figure it out for myself.  I began linking up with Five Minute Friday… and I started making friends who have similar stories to mine.

Then, I made the very scary decision to try to start a link up of my own.  First, I hosted a linky party that no one attended.  I mean, NO ONE.  No one linked up and barely anyone read… So, making the decision to start Monday Praises was mind-blowingly brave for me.  At first, I had 2 bloggers linking. It was discouraging… but then I began asking people, inviting people to link up (duh!).  I average 10 linkers a week and have had as many as 22!  I read dozens of blogs, I link up to at least 3 blogs a day.  I still have trouble finding the time to comment on posts, but I do love the community of bloggers I have become a part of.

3. It can be a numbers game.  A blogger I follow did a series of posts explaining blogging, designing your blog, and increasing your readership.  She included her personal stats page and it threw me for a loop!  She had thousands of hits a day!  A day!!  I immediately went to my stats page and discovered I had barely over 1000 hits the entire year!  To be completely honest, I was averaging 10 hits a day (and if I was brutally honest, a LOT of those hits were me!)

I made it my personal mission to strive for more than 10 a day.  I don’t know why I needed that, but I did.  I wrote from my heart, I linked up like crazy, and I started seeing my numbers increase.  I began averaging 20 hits a day (hahahaha).  And then I took several consecutive days off… and even without posting, I still averaged 20…  So, I decided to give it to God.  I cannot write everyday.  I cannot make people read.  I cannot worry about being a popular blogger or making a difference in someone’s life.  But what I can do is write for God about what He places on my heart.  He will make sure the people who need to read it do.  If this blog is going to be about Him and living for Him, then I need to give it to Him.  And that is how 2014 will be different.  It can be about numbers, but I choose to make it about HIM.

I still have a lot to learn…

I do still have a lot to learn.  I am glad you are joining me on this journey.  I choose to write for Him, in hopes that He will use me to reach out to others.  Maybe you.  Maybe someone you love.  I chose to Seek Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with my God… and I invite you to do the same.




7 thoughts on “What I have learned about blogging so far…

  1. What great words! I have just started my blog in 2014 and you’re right, the only thing we truly need to be concerned about is writing what God has placed on our hearts. He will make sure the people who need to read it, do. Blessings for more life-giving words!

  2. Amy, thank you for your stewardship. I enjoy your blog; it’s down to earth, fully focused on God, and you do have great graphics. You have made comments that I feel reflect and reveal things that the Holy Spirit would like me to pay attention to, and I am thankful for that. You truly are a blessing.

  3. I can appreciate so much of what you wrote! And I’ve been blessed by what the Lord puts on your heart. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it. 🙂

  4. Hello! Hello! This is your #1 fan!! I love your blog Miss Amy Kelly for that one simple reason: you write from your heart! I will not celebrate my one year anniversary until March 6 but you have been with me from the beginning supporting me along the way.

    I too had to realize I was writing what God wanted me to write and I decided those that needed to see it would see it. As log as I was being obedient, humble and sincere, my motives were pure and I was reaching for people then God would bless it.

    I would love to have thousands reading each day too and maybe we will some day! But until then we will keep doing what we are doing knowing we are helping someone! Love you friend!!!

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