…on new year resolutions…

I began the new year as most people do: hopeful for new beginnings and a bright future. I accomplished two things in preparation of the new year: I chose my word of the year and my list of resolutions.

My Word

I thought long and hard about the things I wanted to accomplish in 2014 as well as the things that I wanted to improve upon. Each thing I thought of seemed to revolve around a central theme: STEWARDSHIP. I need to make better use of my time. I need to better budget my money and pay off our debts and build our savings. I need to take better care of myself: my health, my weight, my emotional and spiritual well-being. I need to serve, love, and support my family so they always know they are loved, needed, and important. I need to serve my God and do my duty to be a witness to His love and His grace. Stewardship (to care for what has been given or entrusted to you) just about sums it up!


My Resolutions

In keeping with the word of the year, I made a checklist of things I resolved to do in 2014. The list included things like sending cards to people in my church each week, no sweets in January, make the beds and do at least a load of laundry EVERY DAY, etc… Well, we are one week into the new year and I have made a decision: MY RESOLUTION LIST IS NOW A BUCKET LIST!! I cannot make my bed everyday… I leave a sleeping husband in it each morning on my way to work! So it’s no longer a part of my resolutions… It’s a part of my bucket list!! I WILL MAKE MY BED IN 2014! It may not be everyday… And it may not be during the winter months at all!! But before December 31, 2014, I will make it!! I may not do laundry everyday… But we won’t go without clean undies! I’ll buy new ones before that happens!! I’ll send cards… But I won’t make myself stick to a certain number each week. (Now, truly, I cannot seem to fit the no sweets thing into a bucket list… So we will just scratch that one! Pass the chocolate!)


51 Weeks to Go

Along with the resolution-turned-bucket-list list, I have an actual bucket list of things I want to try this year: crafts, recipes, travels… Just about all my pins on Pinterest!! My resolutions may be shot with 51 weeks left, but I still have a very bright 2014 ahead! No worries, no stress… After all, that wouldn’t make me a very good steward of my emotional well-being now would it?! So, here’s to the rest of 2014!! It’s looking brighter already…

4 thoughts on “…on new year resolutions…

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!! I believe it is so important to make your bed everyday BUT NOT WITH YOUR HUSBAND IN IT!! I just had to laugh!! Of course not in that case. I enjoyed that you put all of your resolutions deep into a bucket. Resolutions are made to be broken but I love the One Word thing as that is meant to cause growth. Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home.

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