Advent, Luke 2:1-7

It’s Advent, friends!!  What a joyous time of the year!!  There is nothing more exciting than preparing for the coming of our Savior.  Welcoming a new-born babe in a manger, seemingly so small and ordinary, who will grow to become the Savior of the entire world!

During the month of December, I will be celebrating the coming and the birth of our Lord.

Today I am looking at Luke 2: 1-7, the birth of our Lord.  Instead of sharing the scripture (which I still encourage you to read!), I am sharing this:

Oh the simplicity of it all.  No fancy delivery room.  No team of trained doctors.  No bed, no sheets, no comfort at all… our Lord entered this earth as low as you can: in a stable surrounded by filthy animals and hay.  No wonder people questioned how He could be a king.  Not a very kingly entrance…

But I imagine that the scene was very much like this video depicts: the star shone and there was peace and calm… and beauty.  Despite the dirty conditions, there was beauty in the entrance.

Thank you, Lord, for sending Jesus to live and die for me.

These scriptures are affording me a few days off as I have combined 3 days or readings into one.  I will see you soon!  Enjoy your family and friends and all the richness of God’s blessings!


Follow the suggested reading with me!

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