Not-so-Wordless Wednesday: Feeding the Saints before the Big Game

Serving is not only our responsibility as Christians, but it is also a joy and a privilege!  For three straight years, our church witness and outreach teams have fed our local high school football team before an away game.  This year, we included some of Hubby’s players, too!  Everyone was so gracious and polite!  I’m telling you… we have a bright future ahead with these future leaders!

Romans 12:10-11 (NCV)  Love each other like brothers and sisters. Give each other more honor than you want for yourselves.  Do not be lazy but work hard, serving the Lord with all your heart.

Football and Odom Farms 018

Football and Odom Farms 014 Football and Odom Farms 009 Football and Odom Farms 008 Football and Odom Farms 001 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-76 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-75 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-72 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-69 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-61 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-34 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-24 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-19 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-15 2013-10-18 PUMC Staints Meal-16

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