Monday Praises #13

Welcome!  I am so excited to be hosting this weekly link up bringing praises to our heavenly Father!  I want this to be a community of praise, giving God all the glory!!  Feel free to link posts, past or present; vlogs; praise and worship music; whatever expresses praise to God for YOU!  Be sure to grab  the big pink button at the right so we can encourage others to link up and share their stories of praise!  Then be sure to visit all those who link up!

Praise Him in the Storm

We are only halfway through the month of November and I am already overwhelmed.  I have had fits of crying, mini-panic attacks, late night and early morning prayer sessions with God… and it doesn’t look like it will let up until the month is over (although December isn’t looking any better!!)

I have mentioned before that I am a person who cannot say no… it looks a little like this:


Let’s just say that I have finally hit my breaking point.  Organizing yesterday’s service, planning the following week’s service, preparing ecosystems projects and science fair projects for 110 students, rearranging classes because we have now reached 110 students, finishing 2 video projects (well… one is finished) and one picture project for customers, and preparing 3 cantatas and a drama… I am exhausted just typing it all.  Add to it all a lot of debt and an impending surgery in three weeks… well, that explains the crying fits.

But, Amy?!  Monday praises is all about praising God… not handing out invitations to a pity party.  (ya’ll should come… there’s cake here!)

I know. That’s the whole point!  I AM praising God!!  Remember those early morning and late evening prayer sessions?  God was there!  God is HERE!  God is in control!!

First there was this:


My sweet friend Misce posted her beautiful journal on Instagram… and it was a message from God straight to my heart.  I felt peace.  I was still overwhelmed, but I knew God had it all under control and I just needed to wait on Him.  There was still some anxiety in hoping I do not miss a sign or command from Him… but I was open to anything.

Then came the support of friends.  I was overwhelmed at the preparation of yesterday’s service.  I had to call a lot of people and ask them to help out.  I had put it off for a long time (calling people is just not my thing…) and was now under crunch time.  But each person was placed in my heart by God and they were all very open to help out in any way! Score!

Within all the busyness and anxiety, the devil kept throwing things at me.  The bank informs me I am a month behind on the mortgage when I paid them IN THE BANK and the check has already cleared!  Hubby gets the results of his MRI and needs surgery to repair several issues in his foot… and they need $450 by December 2nd… and we have $0.14 in savings… um, can you say PANIC?!

But I was at peace.  I recognized immediately the hand of the devil and called on God’s strength, protection, and provisions.

Then there is my amazing mom!  She took me shopping, bought my groceries, shoved money in my hands, and gave me hugs and kisses at a point when I wasn’t sure how God would provide.  Follow that with checks from 2 customers that put us at halfway to our surgery goal.  Top that off with a gas tank that should be empty but just won’t quit?!!!  You bet I am praising God!!

My busy season is far from over.  I am in the midst of a storm.  But God is good and He is providing all of my needs!!  He will see me through the science fair projects and the bills, the deadlines and the appointments… it may seem crazy, and there may still be crying fits, but I know He’s got this.  And I praise Him!!  He takes such good care of me!

Romans 12:12

As far as this blog is concerned?  I am still here… and I will post when He leads me.  It may be more sporadic than I would like it to be, but I am being obedient to Him.  I am preparing some things for advent, so don’t go anywhere!!


Now, it’s your turn!  Link up your stories of praise!!  To God be all the glory!  Make sure to link directly to your post, not just your homepage!


11 thoughts on “Monday Praises #13

  1. Dear Amy
    In Isaiah 29:13 our Pappa tells us that we van praise Him with our lips, but still our hearts can be far from Him and such praise is detestable in His eyes. You heart, dear Amy, is resting in Jesus amongst your difficulties and He hears every groan and sigh and every true praise. That, my friend, brings so much joy to His heart. Praying for you and your Hubbie!
    Blessings XX

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    • Agreed! It is amazing the peace He has given me. I am still busy, I am still ready for this season to be over, but He is bringing me through it one day at a time.
      Thanks for stopping by! It is great to meet you!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing so vulnerably here, Amy. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, given all that you have on your plate, sweet friend! I’m lifting you up and praying that God continues to provide {Yay, God!} and that you feel encouraged and refreshed as the days go by!

    • Thanks, Jennifer!! It’s great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!! God is so good… And He is seeing me through it all. And I pray He will help me say no more often in the future! Lol!!

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