Happy Sunday!

I have taken an unexpected sabbatical over the last week… the Lord knew exactly what I needed.  I am not even 100% sure He is done with my period of rest, but I do know I am committed to singing His praises!  That means you are invited to join me tomorrow for Monday praises!!  I hope to see you all there!!

Colossians 3_23-24


6 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. What a handsome fella! And I love to get that verse in mind as I go about my daily chores…especially when I am feeling overwhelmed by tasks that need to be done. Remembering who we live and work for can make all the difference in our attitudes, don’t you think?
    May your Sabbath rest be blessed.

  2. Great photo and scripture, Amy. So glad you can take the physical rest that God offers. We can talk all day long about blog stats and SEO and good content and all that stuff, but the reality is that it doesn’t matter what we say if we are not listening to God and we aren’t taking care of ourselves, even as we seek to minister to others. Enjoy your downtime!

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