At the Moment…

At the moment, I am worshipping the Lord with a couple thousand teenagers at Pilgrimage ’13!!  I cannot wait to post more about this amazing weekend!!

James 4:8 update:

Want to find a great alternative to 30 minute sitcoms with themes that are a bit too racy?  I have said it before and I will say it again: ANDY GRIFFITH!!  You will be hard pressed not to find a channel that shows this show at least once a week in syndication… but TV Land is currently showing it every day from 6:00-9:00.  But truly, I recommend you purchase the series on DVD!  I own the first five seasons.  I use it in character ed lessons in school, Sunday School lessons at church, and when there is nothing else good on TV!  You can also find scripture-based lessons for episodes here!!  Unless you are just totally opposed to black and white television, you will love this alternative… and so will your kids!!

Want to listen to something other than today’s loud, filthy music?  Truly people, I am not a huge fan of today’s music.  There are a lot of beats I like, but I can’t stand the lyrics… or the voices!!  Basically, I prefer music made before 1995…  and although there are a lot of stations out there who play that music, I crave something more.  I LOVE CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MUSIC!!  Today’s Christian music will get you dancing and singing and praising the Lord!!  It rivals the popular secular music of today!  I double dog dare you to get the K-Love app and listen for one hour… you will be hooked!!

I do not have a lot of issues with movies… I mean, I either want to watch them or I don’t.  And as long as there is not an overload of violence, sex, or language… and as long as what they do use is handled tastefully… I am usually ok.  But still, there are a lot of movies I have no desire to ever watch.  Want to watch something really good?  Something that will not leave you guilty or convicted?  Try this:

The acting might not be the best… but the story is!  It is definitely a theme to live by!!!

As I travel on this #james4challenge, I want to offer support (and suggestions like these) to all of you.  I would love for you to comment and share what you are doing.  What suggestions can you offer?

James 4_8




3 thoughts on “At the Moment…

  1. Dear Amy
    I watched this movie many years ago and it is excellent! It is such a tender story of how Jesus’ love transforms us from the inside out.
    Blessings XX

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