Counting My Blessings


It is amazing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  Where has the time gone?!  Christmas is right around the corner!  OH MY!!!

October went by super fast, but I am hoping November will move a little more slowly… I want to savor these days as I count my many blessings.

On Instagram, I am participating in the #thanksin30challenge, sharing pics of the things I am most thankful for every day.

At church, I am making a running list of my many blessings for our Thanksgiving service.  We will all combine our lists of thanks and see how very long our list of blessings grow!

At home, I am still keeping a “thanks” journal, adding at least three a day as suggested by Ann Voskamp and A Thousand Gifts.  I am nearly to 200 in such a short time and I am seeing God in the minute details of my crazy life.  Goodness!  I do love Him!!!


In no particular order, I am super thankful for:

  1. Big Girl… I am so very impressed by her.  She is maturing and becoming the woman God wants her to be.  I love her so very much!
  2. Little Man… this kid is the apple of my eye!  I am extremely blessed to spend my mornings and afternoons alone with him as we travel to and from school.  I love his personality and his heart!
  3. Fall…  I love this time of year.  I love the gray skies and the colorful leaves.  I love seeing the tractors in the field. (the pic is sorghum… I think it is the most beautiful crop in the world…).
  4. Starbucks!!  Snap!  It’s red cup time and I am one happy woman!!
  5. My job… I love teaching!  (the pic is from when I received my grant) I love my team and I love my kids.  There are a lot of things I do NOT like about education these days… but when I am in my room and I have the attention of my students, life is good.
  6. Hubby… I am crazy blessed to have this man in my life.  He is  He is my protector, my provider, and adviser, my lover, and my friend… just as Jesus commands him to be.  And he loves the Lord, which makes everything perfect!!
  7. Julie… I love this girl!  We have been friends for so long… and across so many miles!  I am so glad I got to share her with you this week!  She’s the best!!

I’ll say it again… I am crazy blessed!!!  I love my insane life.  I love the Lord!  And I praise Him for all His gifts!


A Royal Daughter

The Fontenot Four


3 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. His blessings are overflowing in your life. I use to keep a gratitude journal on my blog and stopped counting. It got hard as I felt I was not really digger deeper for the greater blessing. In January, I will start counting again. Blessings!

  2. It is amazing how many blessings become apparent as we look for them. Looking at the photos, I thought to myself, I would also be thankful for the Reese’s :)) Blessings!

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