Clean Up Time… Part 2

Before I took the plunge into the 31 Days Challenge, I wrote a post based on James 4:8.  In that post, I explained my choice to try to clean up and clean out my world.  I also asked you to join me.  It is time to give you an update.  But before you go on, you may want to look back here at what I wrote.

First, it may help to let you know a little bit about me.  I love TV.  I am a product of the 80s.  I am also a TV addict.  I typically have the TV on, even when I am busy doing something else…  I mean I watch A LOT of TV.  I mean, my imaginary friends growing up were the Brady Bunch!! So, embarking on this life change was a real life change!

I also may need to let you know that I have a satellite.  I have access to literally hundreds of channels.  I even have the movie channels (although not for much longer because they are crazy expensive, yo!).

Now, with all that said… It has been over a month and I have survived!!!  I haven’t watched Big Bang Theory (which was hard) or Friends (which was HARDER).  I haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy and I have skipped every episode of The Walking Dead.  And I am still happy, blessed, and totally ME.

Now, to address some things that were recently brought up regarding this life change:

Hubby and I watch The walking Dead together.  It took me a while to bring it up to him that I would not be watching it anymore.  I was a little worried about his reaction.  Would he be mad? disappointed?  Would he make fun of me?  He is a wonderful Christian man, but he is not feeling convicted like I am.  And that is ok.

When I did tell him, he was confused.  A few days later, he admitted he was aggravated.  Watching the show was something we did together and he was not sure he wanted to do it without me.  I stuck to my guns, and he was loving and accepting… and we have gone through 3 episodes with him in the living room and me watching something else in the bedroom.  And we are ok.

I have even had to ask him to change the channel if something is on that I am not comfortable with.  Sometimes he agrees and sometimes he doesn’t– and that’s ok!  When he wants to watch something I don’t, I just go back into the bedroom.  No harm, no foul.

imageremember this image?  I used it to refer to what I was watching “at the moment”…

I was really worried about what I would watch when I couldn’t watch my favorite popular shows.  But, folks, there is a lot of TV out there!  I watch a lot of reality TV (mainly Say Yes to the Dress and The Voice); I watch a lot of TV Land (Andy Griffith to the rescue!); and I have discovered UP TV and Inspiration Channel.  I do not like a lot of the syndicated TV on those networks, but I have enjoyed the movies they play.  I watch movies (I love warm, fuzzy chick flicks and animated movies) and sports (I mean, I DO live with Hubby, after all).


I also posted this pic of what I was watching “At the Moment”… I have even given up All My Children!!

There are times I have to make choices not to watch a certain episode of a series that I deem safe.  There are times I choose to change the channel because a reality show is becoming way too sensational.  And, friends, there are times I have left the TV off altogether.  I know, right?!  Go figure!

I’m an adult… and a very intelligent one at that.  I can watch TV shows and know the difference between right and wrong.  I can watch movies and know that it is unwise to behave like a certain character.  That isn’t the issue.  The issue is that I was becoming desensitized by all of it… and my kids were being exposed to it. (The moment when your 16-year-old daughter tells you she thinks Andy Griffith is hot and that is just as much because of his goodness as his good looks… priceless)

I am far from where I want to be, and it is still super hard… but I feel better and I am determined to press on.  I would love to hear from you.  What are you encountering?  Are you accepting the challenge or giving in the towel?

James 4:8



13 thoughts on “Clean Up Time… Part 2

    • Thanks, Joanne… I know it is not for everyone, but I have definitely been convicted! And I have been blessed, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. So proud of you!! I am the nerd when it comes to TV and the outcast!! I love it too, always have…but had to come to terms with it being an IDOL in my life. And I really was convicted about the verse “set no wicked thing before your eyes!” Psalm 101:3. But the church I was raised in years and years ago my wise old pastor said that it had a “knob” on it and you better have enough Holy Ghost in you to know when to turn the channel and when to turn it OFF! (He also said you better NEVER stay home from church to watch tv! LOL! Today we have DVR!)

    But I too, feel like if we are going to watch it there are plenty of things out there that are clean and healthy choices, especially with the ME channel and Antenna TV, several older classic shows, and educational channels. Some clean movies on Hallmark sometimes. You have to choose! And we don’t want to time wasters! It is such a time stealer!

    I admit I am so bothered by the fascination with the zombie craze 🙂 not picking on you or your hubby. My Three Sons are so into this!! I don’t understand this at all and am always trying to get them to get away from that, I can think of all kinds of scripture for it, lol.

    But I am very proud of you friend. I know how hard it is to stick to something like this and you are an overcomer!! Love you!! ♥

    • hahaha! I know exactly where you are coming from! Truly my heart was never in “The Walking Dead”. Hubby wanted me to watch it with him and I did… but 75% of the show I have my face behind a couch cushion!! I like the storyline, but I hate the zombies and gore!! That one has been easy to get rid of… but Hubby misses having me watch it with him.
      I love being called an overcomer!! I’ll take it!! Thanks!! Love you!!

  2. Great work and great post, Amy! I have to be careful what I watch on TV as well and know how hard it is to give up something you enjoy. I appreciate your comments about becoming desensitized to what’s shown and will continue to think about that as I constantly evaluate what I’m watching. Thanks for linking up at Testimony Tuesday!!

    • Yes, the desensitizing is the worst part. I realized how bad it had gotten when my son overheard a word on one of my shows and asked what it meant… not something I wanted him to know!! Yikes!! I knew things needed to change! Thanks for stopping by!! I LOVE your blog!

  3. I actually have been progressing. I haven’t given up everything, but I am making progress. the other night, we were going to watch some horror movies. We stopped them in the middle and realized we weren’t as into them as we used to be. so we added some more wholesome stuff to our Netflix. This was a mutual decision between my husband and I, and I felt good about it. he isn’t as convicted about some of it as I am, but this was definite progress. I need to stand up and take a stand more on what I am convicted about, and that is hard for me, but with god’s help I can do it. part of it is because, like you, my husband and I enjoy TV together. but thanks for this post!

  4. Wow !! Thank you for sharing clean up time with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” Yes, TV in moderation is OK and selection is good too. I think I am addicted to my computer !! and I do enjoy some good TV shows. Each evening hubby and I watch a movie or a series together. During the day for me TV is out. I realize that to each one we must do what we are led to do. Perhaps for a season, and maybe for a longer time.

  5. I love this. It is so important that we obey the Holy Spirit’s leading and prompting in our hearts, but I love your attitude towards your husband’s freedom just as much as your obedience. I recently listened to a sermon by R.C. Sproul called, “Man, the Sleepwalker.” It talked about how it has become almost impossible, in our culture, to be awed by what is around us, what God has created. We are too busy living life on the surface. I am like you with TV, it was always something I had on as a kid. I had no siblings my age and so when I was along a lot of times I had the TV on. They were usually good shows and typically I was also doing something else at the same time, but it can be a distraction. I don’t spend as much time as I used to in front of the TV, but it can be my way to unwind. Since I’ve begun writing more I have spent less time watching TV and more time unwinding by writing. This is not for everyone, but I wonder how many times the distractions of entertainment keep us from using the gifts and abilities that God has created us to use. I just told my husband last night, “It doesn’t really matter if anyone appreciates what I’m writing. At this point it is practicing a skill for which God has given me a love and it draws me closer to Him, which in turn makes me what it even more.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Erin!! We are so much the same! I completely agree! Writing has become more about me and God than anything else. It’s great to meet you!

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