31 Days, Praise Recap, Day 26

We have less than a week left in the 31 Day Challenge… and boy has it made the month of October fly by!!  This is how I have been praising the Lord this month:

Day 1:  The Academics of Praise

Day 2:  Make it Your Business to Praise

Day 3:  Verbs of Praise

Day 4:  Writing to Praise (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

Day 5: weekly Recap: Total Praise

Day 6:  Turn the Frown Upside Down

Day 7: Monday Praises: Praise Him in My Weakness (with guest Blogger, JuneBug)

Day 8:  Praise Him!

Day 9: Rejoice!

Day 10:  Personal Praise

Day 11: Ordinary Praise (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

Day 12: weekly Recap: Every Woman MUST Hear This!

Day 13:  Praise the Lord with Your Giving

Day 14: Monday Praises: Praise Him for His Promises

Day 15: Praise the Greatness of Our God!

Day 16: Revelation 5:12

Day 17: All Creation Sing His Praises!

Day 18:  Laundry Praise (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

Day 19: Weekly Recap: You Have Won Me

Day 20: The Fruit of Our Lips

Day 21: Monday Praises: Give Him all Your Thanks and Praise

Day 22: Never Stop Praising

Day 23: Psalm 100:4-5

Day 24: Every Good Thing (even test scores) Comes from God

Day 25: Together (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

Whew!  That’s a lot of praising, people!  And do you know what?  IT’S NOT ENOUGH!!  He deserves so much more praise that what I can give!  Everything I do, say, think, feel… it should all be praises to my Father!!  Just look at how He is blessing me off the blog:

Sunday:  Hubby and I had a rare afternoon free of choir practices… so we spent the evening with our kids and the youth group on the farm!!  We had so much fun fellowshipping together!  From roasted weenies to chunking pumpkins, it was a blast!  We have a great group of youth and are so blessed to be able to tag along!

Monday: Whew!  What a high!  First, I received the email from my principal that my EOG scores were great, then I spent the evening with colleagues at a dinner for grant recipients.  I was super happy getting a free steak meal and some adult conversation… but to also receive the honor of a Bright Ideas grant?!  It was a very good day.  Praise God!

Tuesday: I was beyond blessed to watch Little Man join the football team for the team picture as their manager… and he is so proud to be a part of the team.  And if beaming with pride as a parent weren’t enough, I come home to the high praises of Big Girl: she loved my very first crack at deviled eggs!!  (those who follow know I do not have the reputation of being a good cook, although in my own mind I ROCK!).  Hubby hated them and refused to eat them but Big Girl ate 4!  It felt great!

Wednesday: A wonderful day in the classroom ended with a fun and rewarding day at choir… which included 3 new members!  We have been praying for growth.  God has been providing with the magnification of our voices (no kidding, guys!  It sounds like there are 20 more people up there with our modest 10!) but now He is multiplying the bodies!  Yay!

Thursday: I had some “quality time” (as quality as chatting online and long distance calls can be) with TWO dear friends!  Yay!  The second is my precious Julie who is back in Indiana and living God’s plan for her in big and amazing ways!  I love this girl so much!  She has been my sweet, sweet friend since we were in junior high together.  She is guest posting for Monday Praises in a little over a week and I cannot wait!!!

Friday: A local church (and the church of Big Girl’s beau) puts on a big event called “Judgment House” every year.  It’s been over 20 years and I am ashamed to say we have never been despite the high praises of multitudes of people.  But with Michael taking part, we finally committed to attend… and boy were we blessed!!!  Ah-MAZ-Ing!

I could continue with little praises like cool fall temps, new blog friends, being blessed by friends’ posts, encouraging words, a yummy lunch from my mom, cold Coke in a bottle (my FAVORITE), and snuggling in my bed with my doggy while Hubby hunts in the woods… but truly, God’s blessings are so abundant, I would exceed the limits of the blogosphere!!    Be blessed, friends!!


One of my favorite songs EVER, by one of my favorite groups EVER: Big Daddy Weave!  Enjoy!

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