Every Good Thing (even test scores) Comes from God

The Lord is good!!  All the time!  I have been writing on the topic of praise for the 31 Days Challenge… and although I am tired, the Lord has not exhausted the list of things I can praise Him for!  I am checking all pride at the door and offering this post as open PRAISE for our FATHER!!

1Chronicles16_8I am a teacher.  Not only that, but I teach a tested area: 5th grade science.  Not only THAT, but I am the ONLY teacher on my team who teaches science.  What does that mean?  That means the test, its successes or failures, all sits on my shoulders.  We all teach a test… and mine is science.

Last year was my first year teaching science in fifth grade.  I completely fell in love.  I had so much fun with the content and the experiments and bringing science to life for 105 fifth graders.  It was truly the most satisfying year of my 19 year career.

In NC, we adopted new standards which meant we would be administering new End of Grade tests.  Usually, when tests are new, it takes the state a long time to peruse the pages, decide what is considered passing, and start fitting all of the students within those levels.  For this reason, we ended last school year without knowing the results.  We have had to wait all this time to know our fate.  And this week, the unknown became known… or partly so.

I must start by saying that I work for a principal who is very data driven.  She is all about numbers.  If your test scores are good, you are aces.  If not… well, I have had a low test score year, and let’s just say I lived to tell about it.  barely.

Let’s just say there has been a lot of stress at our school attached to the arrival of these scores.

Monday, I received an email (along with the two other science teachers in our middle school) from our principal that we exceeded growth on our tests!  This means we are in the top 25% of our state!!  Praise the Lord!!  Not only that, but today she entered my classroom and had my students give me an ovation (and my peers in a meeting this afternoon) to acknowledge that feat.  That is NOT the norm for her.  She does not give praise.  Not because she’s mean, but because it is not her nature.

I am abundantly blessed.  I do not share to toot my own horn but to praise my Heavenly Father.  Every good thing comes from Him!  It is not about me, but about the KIDS.  It is for their betterment and HIS glory. 

James 1_17

Lord, I praise you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are so amazing and so gracious.  I gave this stress to you and you returned it to me blessed tenfold!  I know every good thing comes from you!  And I praise your holy name!!  Thank you, Lord!!

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5 thoughts on “Every Good Thing (even test scores) Comes from God

  1. Dear Amy
    Congratulations, dear one, I am also so proud of you. This makes me think of how our Pappa has promised to bless the works of our hands when we come to Him in love and trust!
    Blessings XX

  2. Hi Amy!!! I celebrate with u!!! I hear all the time how stressful testing can be for the teachers and kids. Thank God for answered prayers!!
    Blessings Sister:)

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