The Fruit of Our Lips (Day 20)

Hebrews 13_15


I love fruit, don’t you?  Fruit is so sweet and satisfying.  But have you ever gotten hold of a bad piece of fruit?  Maybe too tart, or too mushy, or just plain rotten?  Not so sweet, not so satisfying.

The fruit of our lips is the same way.  Do we harvest a good crop of words?  Ones that leave people joyful and satisfied… shining the light of Jesus to others?  Or do our words leave people questioning our faith, our character, or our God?

The fruit of our lips should be sweet praises to our Father!  Always!  People should be able to see and experience the goodness of our amazing God through our words as well as our actions.  As one of my former pastors used to always say “You may be the best thing God has going for Him today”…

Let the fruit of our lips continually offer up a sacrifice of praise in the name of Jesus Christ!  Happy Sunday, friends!  Enjoy your families and spend time with our God.



3 thoughts on “The Fruit of Our Lips (Day 20)

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