31 Days, Praise Recap, Day 19

I have been participating in the 31 Days challenge .  I have to admit that it is getting harder.  God is giving me plenty of reasons to praise… there is NO doubt about that, but I am becoming exhausted with the pace.  I am human and very small, but I serve a big, BIG God.  So I will praise Him in the good, praise Him in the bad, praise him when I am on fire… and praise Him (albeit weakly) when I am completely exhausted.  He is worthy of my undying praise!  Here’s how the challenge has looked so far:

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Day 18:  Laundry Praise (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

This is what was happening in my everyday, off-the-blog life:

Sunday:  We visited Ziggy at home and received the wonderful news that his eyesight had returned (see Day 15 for details)!!  This was also the day that my Dad rolled up in my driveway, helped the Hubby remove my broken washing machine, and then took the Hubby to Sears to pick up our new one.  We are so very blessed (see Day 18 for that one!).

Monday:  I just not feeling like teaching.  I couldn’t get my head in the game.  I spent the entire drive to school trying to figure out how I needed to adapt my lesson plans for that day so they would be more friendly… to me.  When I got to my classroom, I looked at my calendar and realized it was COMPUTER LAB DAY!!!  Whew!!  What a praise that was!!

Tuesday:  My afternoon on Tuesday consisted of running errands for the Hubby while he was at a football game.  The kids came along with me and we had a blast!  It ended with dinner out and a laugh riot-fest all the way home (Big Girl got video of it all… it was seriously that funny a drive… but I don’t think the world is ready to see the footage!)

Wednesday: I spent the evening with one of my teammates decorating the classroom of one of our other teammates for her 40th birthday the next day.

Thursday: Surprising that friend with a decorated room, a homemade cake, and lots of love for her 40th.  Spending that time with my team made me so thankful that the Lord had moved me to that grade level a year and a half ago.  I had been running from the hate and regret and God sent me to a new home full of lots of love and laughter and support.  I am truly blessed!

Friday:  Our Witness Team at church fed the local high school football team before the big game.  I took off half a day from school so I could make baked spaghetti (which was a hit with the boys and totally made me feel like the “bad cook” reputation I have been given is totally unfounded).  We had so much food to spare that the Hubby sent me on a taxi run to pick up some of his youth ball players and let them join in on the fun.  They were a sight!  It blessed my heart beyond measure!

This Morning:  I slept in to 8AM!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!

I cannot tell you how very blessed I am!  God is so good!  I may write for 31 days about the amazing things He does… but His love, grace, and generosity extend beyond this challenge.  His love is unending!  And He is so worthy of our praise!!


Watch and be blessed!  I love this song!  I saw a beautiful dance to this music at Reclaim a few weeks ago.  Amazing!  You cannot help but praise the Lord!


PLEASE, parents!  Do not allow your children to sit in the front seat… especially one that has an airbag.  Airbags are great.  They have saved the lives of millions of people…. but they have also been the cause of many fatalities.  Do the research.  Make the choice.  Protect your children (as well as adults who are vertically challenged!). 



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6 thoughts on “31 Days, Praise Recap, Day 19

  1. I’m pretty pooped with #31dbc too Amy! Almost didn’t write anything today but onward we go! And here it is 9:30 on Sunday night and I don’t have anything for tomorrow….not sure what I am going to do, lol. Hate to stop now! You are doing great friend, your praises are singing loud and clear! Love you friend. ♥

    • Thanks, Candace Jo!! The encouragement is appreciated to help me carry on!! Who would have thought it would be so tiring? I am loving your series as well!!

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