Praise the Greatness of Our God! (Day 15)

I am on day #15 of the 31 Days challenge.  My topic is 31 Days of Praise.  You would think I would have a problem finding things to write about… but God provides reasons to praise Him at each and every turn!  Today is no different!

Deuteronomy 32_3

Last Monday, one of my students was on his way to school with his mom and sister.  He was seated in the front seat.  Before they reached the school, a truck pulled out in front of them and they collided.  The front seat airbags deployed.

This precious student of mine is also a football player on the Hubby’s team.  For anonymity purposes, we will use his football nickname: Ziggy.


Hubby laughed at my rendition of Ziggy… but I tried to capture the dreads and the big sleepy eyes (boy does that child have a hard time staying awake in class!!)… and I think I did ok, if I do say so myself!!

As a fifth grader, Ziggy is average height… but still way too small to be in the front seat.  When the airbag deployed, he was hit square in the face. He sustained carpet-burn-like lacerations to his face… and doctors were concerned that this 11 year old boy would lose vision in his right eye and possibly lose his left eye altogether.

As soon as we heard, Hubby and I were at his house offering his parents support and offering him love and affection.  We were told there was nothing they felt we could do to help them at the moment… so we offered to lift them up in prayer.

Sunday morning, I felt led to speak to my church family during the time set aside for announcements.  How often do we allow our children to ride alongside us in the front seat?  I pleaded with each parent (and child) to reconsider that position… Ziggy was fortunate he had survived being hit so hard by the airbag; but so many others have been killed by the brunt force.  And now an 11 year old was facing the threat of losing his vision…

Our wonderful pastor called Hubby and I to the altar as representatives for Ziggy and then invited our church family to come up and lay hands on us to pray for healing for our precious boy.  All we knew was he had his last eye appointment that Monday and we were anxiously awaiting what the doctors would say.

After service, we drove over to see Ziggy.  We wanted to let him know how much he was loved and how many people were praying for him, and Hubby wanted to set up a time the team could come and visit and bring him the game ball.  That is when we heard the marvelous news!!  Ziggy had awakened hollering that weekend that he could see OUT OF BOTH EYES!  Praise the Lord!!

Tonight, Hubby came home from football practice very excited!!  Ziggy’s dad brought him to practice!!  He wanted so desperately to be with his team!  He did not even have to wear sunglasses to protect his very sensitive eyes from the natural light like we had thought!  His eyes still burn with pain… but he is on the mend.  And he is NOT going to lose his eye!  Praise the Lord!!


Our Lord is not only one who performs great miracles of healing, he also a mighty God who listens to our prayers when we earnestly call our His name!  Praise the Lord forever and ever!!  He is worthy of our praise!

Deuteronomy 32:3 (NIV)  I will proclaim the name of the Lord.
Oh, praise the greatness of our God!

I am sharing today with Teach Me Tuesdays.


PLEASE, parents!  Do not allow your children to sit in the front seat… especially one that has an airbag.  Airbags are great.  They have saved the lives of millions of people…. but they have also been the cause of many fatalities.  Do the research.  Make the choice.  Protect your children (as well as adults who are vertically challenged!). 



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11 thoughts on “Praise the Greatness of Our God! (Day 15)

  1. Praise God!!! What the enemy may have intended for bad God turned it into good through the faith and prayers of His children!!! Will continue praying for Ziggy and his family!!!! Blessings my dear sister!!! 🙂

    • Amen, sister!!! I know his eyes are still real sensitive, but I am hoping he will return to school today. Hubby forgot to ask him last night. The boys on the team were super happy to see him though!

  2. What a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness to this little boy & to the power of prayer. May God continue to bring full healing to Ziggy. And thank you for reminding parents of the dangers of permitting children to ride in the front seat. I do think that many do not realize the force with which airbags deploy. Thank you for sharing that information!

    • Thanks, Joanne!! My own Little Man has been asking to move to the front and I have been letting him on short trips… but he is short for his age. He and I had a long talk after Ziggy’s accident and we both agreed he would stay put in the back seat a while longer. He is in middle school, so there is some embarrassment for him, but he understood that it is far greater than the consequences of riding in the front! Blessings to you!

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