31 Days, Praise Recap, Day 12

James 5_13

I have absolutely loved this 31 Days challenge so far.  No, it has not been easy… but my God is so good, I am loving every opportunity to praise Him!!  And boy am I praising!!  Here’s how the challenge has looked so far:

Day 1:  The Academics of Praise

Day 2:  Make it Your Business to Praise

Day 3:  Verbs of Praise

Day 4:  Writing to Praise (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

Day 5: weekly Recap: Total Praise

Day 6:  Turn the Frown Upside Down

Day 7: Monday Praises: Praise Him in My Weakness (with guest Blogger, JuneBug)

Day 8:  Praise Him!

Day 9: Rejoice!

Day 10:  Personal Praise

Day 11: Ordinary Praise (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

Away from the blog, there is plenty to praise Him for too!!

Sunday: My old Sunday School class and my new Sunday School class finally merged and I am teaching this month to help with the transition.  I was a ball of nerves.  It has been nearly two years since I have stepped foot in that classroom.  Many of the members still act like they do not know what to do with me… but I owe it to my forgiving God to shine His love, grace, and redemption each and every day.

God is worthy of my highest praise!!  We had FOURTEEN people present!!  God gave me the message (truly, I was at a loss how to teach two groups who had been following two different studies) and had the people present who needed to hear His Word!  I left filled!!  What an amazing morning!!  I wanted to shout to anyone who would listen “look what My God has done!”

Monday:  This may seem small and unworthy of praise to some… but Monday afternoon, I found myself alone for approximately 1 1/2 hours.  AND I WENT SHOPPING!!  🙂  ‘Nuff said, people!!  Mommies everywhere are praising with me!  Alone in a store with no kids and no Hubby?!  I may as well have been a child let loose in Disney World!!

Tuesday:  I was given the amazing news that I had received my grant!!

Wednesday:  I met my favorite weatherman!!  I was star-struck for days… still am!

Thursday: Again, this may seem trite… but for anyone who has gotten to know me or who has read this post, you will praise along with me when you hear that Hubby loved my dinner (homemade chili on a cool, autumn day in NC) and ate three bowls!!  Amen!! (and big grins!)

Friday:  It was a busy day filled with science experiments and loud students needing a weekend break.  But at the end of it all, one of my former students loves me and trusts me enough to ask me if I could carry him to and from school for the next two school days.  You see, he made some silly choices that got him suspended from the bus.  His mom can’t (or won’t) bring him to school and he doesn’t want to be behind.  It warmed my heart to not only see him taking that kind of mature responsibility, but to have him reach out to me for help made my heart completely melt.  Thank you, Jesus.

We serve a Risen Lord.  He is not only the Lord over my celebrations, but He is Lord over my trials and my everyday ordinary routine.  I cannot imagine what life would be like without His divine presence.  I don’t want to!  It is my business to praise Him.  And I will… because I CAN!






Watch and be blessed!  I completely stumbled upon this… which means God had a message and purpose for it, because there are no coincidences!  I am in tears!  It was meant for me… maybe for you too?  Be blessed, my Friends!

31 Days of Praise


5 thoughts on “31 Days, Praise Recap, Day 12

    • Thanks, Barbie!! I have loved your 31 day challenge as well! You are very talented!! Keep using your creativity for Jesus! Thanks for stopping by!

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