Some Personal Praise (Day 10)

It’s day 10 of the 31 Days challenge.  I am writing for 31 Days on the topic of PRAISE!

1 Chronicles 16_34

It is my business to praise my Heavenly Father… and praise Him I will!!

My friends, it has been a rainy, dreary week so far in the state where nothing could be finer.  Tropical storm Karen ended up not being much to fuss at in the Gulf; but as she made her way north-east through the south, she met up with a front that was already scheduled to dump its fair share of rain.  So that has meant we have had rain, clouds, wind, and cold this entire week.

But I still want to praise Him!  After all, it is what I was made to do!

I love the fall!  Not just because of the beautiful colors (which are on their way), but also because of the cooler weather!  And we have had cool weather!!  I love it!!  Along with the gusts of wind and the nip in the air, we are experiencing some beautiful clouds in the sky: soft gray tones and fluffy clouds painted on the sky.  God shows His majesty in infinite ways!  I praise Him for the splendor of the beautiful skies (even the gray, fall skies!)!!


Tuesday, I was taking my third period class to lunch.  As they opened the door to leave my room, I heard someone telling them to get back inside.  Before I could get concerned, my principal and assistant principal marched in with a camera, an envelope, and a gift bag.  As one took my picture with the camera, the other offer me candy from the bag as she handed me an envelope with my name on it.  The realization of what was going on finally hit me as my principal explained to the kids that I was awarded the grant I applied for!  I have been awarded almost $500 to purchase weather models to help me demonstrate and teach global weather to rural kids (who have absolutely no concept of what global really means).  Praise the Lord!!  It was my first attempt at writing a grant… and in my inexperience, I gave it over to God and asked for His blessings.  And He provided!! 


While I was still soaring on that amazing high, I experienced yet another the next day!  I stepped out in faith about a month ago and asked my favorite weatherman from my favorite news channel in the capital.  Not only did he agree to come and talk to my fifth graders– and the seventh grade as well, but he was coming as quickly as he could.  AND THAT WAS YESTERDAY!!

Having a celebrity on campus was quite exhilarating.  Being his escort, was even more so!  He came to my room and answered my weather questions, then proceeded to the band room where he would address 100 seventh graders followed by 107 fifth graders!! (Yes, I teach 107 students science each and every day!).  He was so gracious and wonderful.  He was so kind and generous.  And even though he only met with 2 grade levels, the other 7 grade levels are excited to watch the morning news and hear him give a shout out to our school and show our pictures and the gifts we gave him!!  It was amazing!!

2013-10-09 09.13.19 Big Weather and GRA 5th Grade photo 2

I give God all the glory.  I give Him all my praise!

1 Chronicles 16:34 (NIV)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Dear Friend, can you find ways to praise our Lord daily?  Can you see His fingerprint on the little things in your life and recognize that He is the giver of all blessings, big and small?  Praise Him, friend!  Praise Him loudly!  He is worthy of our praise!


31 Days of Praise

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13 thoughts on “Some Personal Praise (Day 10)

  1. I loved reading this today. Rejoicing with you in both getting your grant & having your weatherman visit. Both are goals achieved & bring such a sense of accomplishment. May God keep renewing your courage to continue doing new things for your school & students. That is so exciting! I am visiting this morning from Thankful Thurs. & am thankful that I did 🙂
    Have a great Thurs,!

    • Thanks, Joanne! It is my business to praise Him!! He is so good!! I want to be faithful to my purpose and give Him all the glory! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Hi Amy, don’t you just love when God pulls a plan together? Lately I have been seeing the Lord show Himself that I consider not too important to Him, but really important to me and its humbling that He loves us that much that He does show up in those thing. So glad to meet you and look forward to reading more posts here.
    God bless

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tracy!! I’m honored! It is awesome to see God move in the little things! It just proves what a great big God He is!! Be blessed!

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