31 Days, Day 5

This has been harder than I thought.  I am participating in the 31 Days of Challenge on the topic of Praise.  It is not hard to praise God… He makes that easy with His daily blessings.  He has been working on me for sometime now about making praise my business and I am trying hard to be a good student.  What’s hard is the time.  I have been an everyday blogger for a while, but I often write my posts days in advance.  This helps me continuously write, keeps my blog consistent, and allows me breaks for life’s everyday busyness.  But with this challenge, I have been writing every day.  And the enemy has been trying to make my busyness keep me from completing that task.  And it is only DAY FIVE!

But my God is stronger than the enemy!  I prayed that He would be with me throughout this challenge and lend me His voice and His strength… and He has helped me persevere.  I give Him all the glory!

Psalm 7_17

Let’s look back at this week of praise:

Day 1:  The Academics of Praise

Day 2:  Make it Your Business to Praise

Day 3:  Verbs of Praise

Day 4:  Writing to Praise (a link up with Five Minute Friday)

Away from my blog, I have had plenty to praise the Lord about, too!

Monday:  God gave me some much-needed motivation and a tiny push.

Tuesday:  Starbucks with a friend.  It is so hard spending time with others one on one these days.  I feel like I am in an interview process for who my new BFF is going to be.  I wait with nervous anticipation for them to arrive like it is a blind date that holds the rest of my life in its hand.  But I am not BFF-hunting… God is making me quite content to grow in Him right now.  But He is pushing me to get out there with other people, which is both awkward and beautiful at the same time.  I love each person that God is putting in my life… and I am praying He removes the anxiety that I feel about getting closer to them.

Wednesday:  God lit a fire in me that sparked into Hubby and others.  A new ministry is in our hearts and now in the planning stages for our church.  We cannot be more excited about he possibilities!

Thursday:  Little Man advanced to the county talent show at the fair.  He was AWESOME!  He placed second, which was disappointing for Him.  But it was a good life lesson, and God sent strangers everywhere we went along the midway (and even at the theater last night!) to tell him how proud they were of the great job he did.  We are so blessed!

Friday:  Big Girl’s boyfriend was in a production and invited us to come.  It was his birthday, so we wanted to go support him and celebrate his birthday afterwards.  We had no idea what the program was about, just that his church drama team was involved.  It turned out to be a night of PRAISE through fine arts!  It was 3 hours of singing, dancing, rapping, acting, pantomiming, preaching, painting, and praising!  We were so full, we did not want to leave!  Oh my!!  What a pleasant surprise!!  Not only that, God had many of our friends at the venue who we hadn’t seen in years for sweet reunions!  So, so blessed!

Is there any wonder why I praise Him?!  Daily He shows himself to me… and that list doesn’t even include all the little things!!

Friends, I leave you with this.  Watch, listen, and be blessed!

31 Days of Praise

Please join me Monday for our weekly link up of praise! This week, I have a guest blogger who is going to bless you with her writing and her praise!  You can also link your posts of praise to God, pictures of praise, or even videos/audio files of praise and worship music.  It is all about lifting praise to our Father.  I hope you all join me!

8 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 5

  1. Amy, so love Your blog! I’ve been reading for awhile, hooked up thru SRT. Just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your faith and your life and your love for Christ and others! I’m really proud of you for your 31 days of praise effort and want to say hang in there Sister! God is using you to do wonderful things. You are a beautiful instrument for His music! I will be praying a hedge of protection about you from the enemy!

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