31 Days of Praise, Day 2

I am amazed at the number of bloggers posting in the 31 Days Challenge with The Nester!!  Seriously, people!!  This is the first time I have ever been a part of it… and I am overwhelmed by the multitude of this movement!  Coming from a person who has 2 loyal linkers, over a thousand bloggers linking up is mind-boggling!!

And here am I, in my little corner of the world talking to the masses (all 60 of you) about praising the Lord.  Why?  Because He is worth it, people!!

I have said many times that it should be our business to praise God.  This was never more prevalent to me than when I participated in SRT’s study on Daniel.  King Nebuchadnezzar was troubled over dreams and Daniel was called in to interpret.  He interpreted dreams for not only King Nebuchadnezzar, but also his son and King Darius…  With each vision, Daniel explained the same thing: the kings needed to make honoring God a priority or they would see their kingdom go to ruin.

What lesson should we learn from this?  People!  It is our business to honor and praise the Lord!!  If we don’t– if we focus on ourselves and not on the love and devotion of our Heavenly Father– then we will fall into ruin!!

So, why wouldn’t we honor Him?!  He is the creator of everything.  He forgives!  He redeems!  He shows love and mercy despite all of our failings!!  He gave His only SON so that we may live with Him for eternity!  Isn’t that worthy of shouting at the tops of our lungs?!  “Our God is Faithful!  Our God is amazing!”  And yet, so often we don’t… MOST often we don’t.

The kings that Daniel served spent their time building up their kingdom and power.  They were focused on themselves and not on the One who gave them their success.  Don’t we often get caught up in our own lives?  We disregard the Lord and start thinking– quite wrongly, by the way– that we have made our own path.  We become selfish and busy with the business of the world: the karate classes, dance recitals, scout meetings, and football games of the season.  We let these things take our time from God… we let these things receive our worship.

Psalm 71_8

God is calling us now!  Make it our business to praise HIM!!  Don’t let the things of this world keep us too busy or focused on our selves that we lose sight of His truth!

Lord, I want to praise you, each and every day!!  Let my words bring you honor.  Let my actions bring you glory!  Let all that I say and do be pleasing to you!  You are so awesome and so worthy of my praise daily.  I never want to lose sight of the prize: eternal life in Heaven with YOU!

31 Days of Praise

Do you have God as the focus of your life?  Do you want to?  Are you interested in praising the Lord with all you heart, all your soul, and all your mind?  I am happy to pray with you and for you!!  Contact me at amy.walkhumblywithgod@gmail.com.  Make your commitment to God today.


Sharing with The Nester and 31 Days Challenge.

Stop by and give some love to all those who are posting in this challenge!  There is a LOT to see there!

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