Monday Praises

Welcome!  I am so excited to be hosting this weekly link up bringing praises to our heavenly Father!  I want this to be a community of praise, giving God all the glory!!  Feel free to link posts, past or present; vlogs; praise and worship music; whatever expresses praise to God for YOU!  Be sure to grab  the big pink button at the right so we can encourage others to link up and share their stories of praise!  Then be sure to visit all those who link up!

31 Days of Praise

I am about to take part in a challenge.  I am linking up with The Nester for 31 Days of writing and posting.  In the challenge, bloggers can choose whatever they want to write about for 31 days.  I am choosing to spend the next 31 days praising the Lord.

God has been subtly– and not so subtly– letting me know that my business is to praise Him. 

It all started with a praise journal.  I got the idea during an SRT devotion (I cannot remember which one, they have all been so meaningful to me).  I immediately went out, purchased a journal and began writing daily letters to my Father praising Him for all He is, all He does, and all He means to me.

I started strong.  It was easy.  There were so many things to thank and praise God for.  Then, it became harder and I had to start looking at the little things.  The things that typically go unnoticed.  It was an exercise in seeking God’s presence in each and every part of my life.  And it totally opened my eyes: the same God who created the heavens and the earth; the same Lord who delivered His people out of Egypt in big and miraculous ways; the same Father who created me and gave me breath also took great care to bring me gifts in the hug of a child; the cancellation of a meeting on a very bad day; or even finding my keys in a hurried rush.  God cares about the big things… but He is also concerned with the small.

I filled the praise journal pretty quickly, and I am currently filling a journal with thankfulness.  Again, God is showing me that I can be thankful for the time to grade a big stack of papers or finding a dollar in the pocket of the jacket I haven’t worn since last fall.  God is Lord over the big and the small… and He gives me so much to be thankful for.

So, for the next 31 days, I will be posting more and more praises to God.  I want to praise Him!  I. WANT. to. PRAISE. Him!  Loudly!  He is so worthy of our praises!  So, I invite you to link up on Mondays.  Praise Him with me.  Then, join me the rest of the week as I praise Him MORE.

31 Days of Praise

monday praises button

Now, it’s your turn!  Link up your stories of praise!!  To God be all the glory!  Make sure to link directly to your post, not just your homepage!


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