At the Moment…

Last weekend was beyond busy for my little family… and, although I was anticipating an easier week, it has proven to be just as fast-paced!  Here’s how my week played out!

Sunday was the softball tournament at our church.  I worked concessions as well as took pictures for our FB page and website, so I basically did not sit down.  Hubby discovered that he is getting way too old for playing ball, but thankfully was not as sore the next morning as we thought he would be.

UMY Softball Tournament 101

After such a crazy weekend, I was tempted to take Monday off to recuperate.  Typically, I don’t miss a day of work all year… so I hated the idea of typing up substitute plans and getting things in order.  Then I remembered that it was my day to take my classes to the computer lab… so it was all good.  I was able to relax a little as well as get a lot of work done.

I played chauffeur to the kids the rest of the week: movie dates, band practice, choir practice, and football games.  It kept them happy, but it is hard on the wallet!  All of the running around culminated last night with taking Little Man to his first dance.  He was very excited… and so were his dad and I!  Little Man is quite the dancer, and I know that he was excited to show off his moves.  I think at first he was disappointed in discovering that most of the youth at these dances just stand around (my mom used to call them “stands” instead of dances) and he even called for me to bring him home.  We got a mile from the school and he asked me to take him back.  When I went to pick him up later in the night, he was dancing, running around, and having your basic good time.  It made my heart smile.


On the blog…

  • Monday Praises is getting a modest following.  We are a small group, but we are loud in our praises.  I am loving each post and am even looking forward to Mondays!
  • Tuesday, I wrote about the original sin and how the characters of that story each played their part for God’s glory.  We can look back on the familiar story of Adam and Eve and cringe at the thought of the introduction of sin into the world… but don’t forget that it was also the first FORGIVENESS.
  • Wordless Wednesday spotlighted my Little Man’s amazing performance at the school talent show.  We are looking forward to the county talent show at the fair in two weeks!  Wish him luck!
  • Thursday I made a commitment online to eating better and getting fit… and Thursday night I ate McDonald’s for supper after a very long day at school.  I am moving a lot more, but if I am honest I had McDonald’s last night too… Yikes!
  • I absolutely love linking up with Lisa Jo Baker each Friday for Five Minute Friday.  This week’s prompt was “she” and I recalled a time with Big Girl not that long ago on our very first trip to Disney.

I cannot believe that it is nearly October.  There are so many exciting things I am looking forward to this fall!  I cannot wait to share it all with you!


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