Genesis: The First Sin

The snake spoke.  His words were well worded… and with each word, he planted seeds of doubt and suspicion.  That’s what the original sin did: it introduced doubt into a world that only knew goodness, perfection, and God.

Eve knew God’s edict.  She was able to tell the snake just what the Lord had said about eating of that forbidden fruit.  But those seeds were planted.  Eve made a bold move and went against God.  She knew better, but she chose sin.

Adam was there.  The bible does not say he tried to dissuade her.  Neither did he discourage her.  But when she offered the fruit, he took it.  It took no coercion or tempting or begging.  He knew better, but he followed her lead anyway.

God came calling.  God knew.  He always knows.  He calls out, but his children are hiding from him.  They are ashamed, vulnerable, threatened… all new things introduced into a world that had once be perfect.  God asks them for an explanation.  What he’s wanting is a confession.  Will they be honest with their Lord?  Will they own up to their sin?

Adam admits his folly… but not without placing blame on Eve… AND GOD.

Genesis 3:12 (NIV)  The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.

You made her, Lord.  If you hadn’t given her to me, I wouldn’t be in this mess!  Adam passes the buck… then Eve follows suit!  She shifts the blame from herself to the snake!

God doesn’t even give the snake a chance to respond.  He places a curse on the animal, on woman, and on man.  Sin had entered the Garden and now nothing would be the same.

At this point, God isn’t very different from our own human parents.  When we, as children, make a mistake– even when we know we shouldn’t– our parents don’t give up on us and turn away.  No!  They still love us!  They may be disappointed.  They may have to enact a punishment.  But they will still care for us, provide for us, and protect us.  They love us.

And so does He!  The story of the original sin could easily be remembered only for its introduction of sin into the world.  With sin came doubt, suspicion, mistrust, fear… things that separate us from the love of Christ.  No, it is better to remember that the story of the original sin is the story of the first FORGIVENESS.  Yes, God had to remove Adam and Eve from the Garden.  Yes, they were cursed with pain and struggles for the rest of eternity.  But, no! He did not leave them.  He did not turn His back on them.  He did not throw up His hands in disgust or wash His hands of them both.  NO!  He forgave them.  He offered them grace.  He continued to love them, provide for them, and keep them safe.

And He will do it for you.  Whatever your sin, whatever decision has separated you from God, He is ready for you to come back to Him.  He is calling and all He wants is for you to answer.  Repent of your sin, ask for His forgiveness.  Then ask for Him to take residence in your heart and show you how you should be living.   He is so worth it!  His grace is sufficient!


If you need someone to pray for you or with you, I am here.  If you need guidance on how to take that first step towards a new relationship with Him, let me know.  I am happy to help you.  Trust me.  I have been there.  Do not go through it alone.  Contact me.



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