At the Moment

The Kelly family is in the throes of the busiest season of our lives yet!  Between school, the blog, and my work at church, I am keeping super busy.  Then throw in driving Little Man to football games (he’s the manager for the middle school team), Big Girl to praise band and youth group, and keeping Hubby calm between his football practices and meetings, I REALLY have my hands full!  There is a lot going on at the moment…

Last night, Little Man competed in the school talent show.  I am so amazed at my children’s talent!  God has truly blessed us all!  We have been to numerous talent shows to watch Big Girl do her thing (and win!) and then represent her school at our county fair.  Now we are watching Little Man shine.  And shine he did!!  We are going to the fair next month because HE WON!!  I cannot wait to share a little more about this night!  It was amazing!

talent show 2013 016

Today is our church’s Harvest Sale.  It’s our biggest event of the year.  We have a meal (BBQ and turkey) and an auction.  Hubby is in charge of cooking the turkeys (his alarm went off before 2am!).  The kids help with serving.  I made items for the sale, will be helping with the serving, and am a member of the clean up team.  Whew!  Throw in a football game during the afternoon and we are one tired family.

Tomorrow is our youth group’s softball tournament.  It is a big fundraiser for our group’s mission trip.  Hubby is heading up a team (on very little sleep, to be sure) and I am helping with concessions, while our kiddos will be helping in various capacities… can you folks see where I am going with this?  We are some very busy people!

I anticipate a much milder week to come… but I am afraid we have been so busy over the last week that I will still not be able to keep my days straight!  I am also worried I will never recover from my lack of sleep.  Sigh.  I can celebrate that we are all getting homework completed, making deadlines, arriving on time, and we are all bathed and polished… apart from that, I ain’t making any promises! 🙂



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