Monday Praises

Welcome!  I am so excited to be hosting this weekly link up bringing praises to our heavenly Father!  I want this to be a community of praise, giving God all the glory!!  Feel free to link posts, past or present; vlogs; praise and worship music; whatever expresses praise to God for YOU!  Be sure to grab  the big pink button at the right so we can encourage others to link up and share their stories of praise!  Then be sure to visit all those who link up!

Finding Something to Praise About

Friends, I have been in a funk.  A 100%, Grade A, bona fide FUNK!  I cannot explain the funk I am in or what got me there… all I can say is that I have been feeling super blah.

So, when it came time to write my praise post, I was at a loss.  It is kinda hard to be praising when you feel funky.  Just sayin’.

But then an amazing thing happened.  God started pointing out what I have to be thankful for… Not big, in your face things that would have us all shouting “Amen!’.  Not life-altering, game-changing things that give you goosebumps.  No, he pointed out the small, teensy, tiny, mundane things.

These praises may be small.  These praises may seem unimportant to many.  These praises may lack miracle-worthy status.  BUT!  These praises are significant.  These praises are proof that my God is an amazing God!  He not only has His hands on the big “Amen-shouting” moments of my life, He blesses the small, too.

And so, I praise my Lord for the small.  I praise Him for the mundane.  I praise Him for the little things that make me smile… even if they don’t immediately resonate in my mind as God-granted.  He has reminded me to praise Him for everything, big and small… for He is the Lord over all of it!

And as you begin to praise Him for the little, He opens your eyes to the big.  And friends, you cannot help but praise Him.  Our. God. is. GOOD!!  Forgive me, Lord, for not immediately thinking to praise you for all of it!!

thank you, Lord, for:


… and I am just getting started, folks!!  I can praise Him all night long!!

Need another reminder that all things come from God?  Let me leave you with this!

Now, it’s your turn!  Link up your stories of praise!!  To God be all the glory!  Make sure to link directly to your post, not just your homepage!

11 thoughts on “Monday Praises

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  3. I am not currently writing on my blog; however, this post inspired me to write a list. I posted a pic on Instagram and hashtaged it #MondayPraise. Thank you for calling us to praise.

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