At the Moment

This week has been quite exhausting.  Allow me to recap.


Saying hello… My 102 (and counting!) students arrived bright and early on Monday morning!  The week has worn me out to say the least.  We introduced some new procedures this year, and not all were in place when the first day of school arrived.  It has been the most chaotic start to a school year in my 19 years of teaching.  I am hopeful for this year and these sweet kids… but it is off to a rocky start!



Speaking to God… I had the esteemed honor of joining other believers in a 24 hour prayer event praying for baby Kaden Stone.  His mommy posted on Sunday that they were preparing for him to go with God and we all immediately began interceding on their behalf.  I have never prayed so hard and so long in my life.  It was an amazing experience.  Our God is an awesome God and the fact that we can approach Him openly and boldly makes Him even more amazing!



Saying goodbye… Unfortunately, Kaden did go to spend eternity with Jesus on Monday.  I am heartbroken for his mommy and the rest of his family.  They have been through so much already.  There have been many moving tributes to Diana and baby Kaden throughout the blog community, my favorite being this one by Raechel Myers.


Serving others… Today is Laundry Love #2!!  As you read this, I am probably at the Coin Laundry dutifully putting coins into the machines of each and every family who will let me.  As I am typing this, I am praying that there will be many more people from my church joining me.  I have had two families donate quarters, which was lovely… but I want warm bodies there helping me spread the love of Christ with others.  I’ll keep you posted.

Disney 2013 114

Celebrating my Hubby…This week was my Hubby’s 40th birthday.  Because of our very busy schedule, we celebrated the big day with a homemade cake and a supper of bacon and eggs after his football practice.  Tonight, we will have a proper celebration with old friends from high school with a nice juicy steak and a full rack of ribs.  Yep.  I can throw a party.  Well, Texas Steakhouse can.

It has been a busy week.  I haven’t been watching, reading, or studying much… but I have been smack dab in the middle of a glorious, God-given life.  And I am truly thankful for every hectic minute!


DON’T FORGET!   Monday I am hosting our weekly link up of praise!  Link your posts of praise to God, pictures of praise, or even videos/audio files of praise and worship music.  It is all about lifting praise to our Father.  We link up every Monday, so maybe this will help us all focus on finding reasons to praise and ways to praise our Heavenly Father.  I hope you all join me!


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