Monday Praises: Our First Link Up!

Welcome!  I am so excited to be hosting this weekly link up bringing praises to our heavenly Father!  I want this to be a community of praise, giving God all the glory!!  Feel free to link posts, past or present; vlogs; praise and worship music; whatever expresses praise to God for YOU!  Be sure to grab  the big pink button at the right so we can encourage others to link up and share their stories of praise!  Then be sure to visit all those who link up!


Today I am praising God for my Big Girl!!  Last week, her new boyfriend invited her to his youth group.  She had been invited before, but Wednesdays are our choir night, so she has never been able to take him up on it.  Until last week…

My Big Girl!  Love her to bits!

My Big Girl! Love her to bits!

Last Wednesday was Open House for the high schools, so choir was cancelled.  I took her to his church with the promise that his mom would bring her home.  It was a stormy night and Hubby was away on business.  I was exhausted from my first week back at work and was looking forward to her coming home so I could bolt us in and go to bed.  But things didn’t quite work out that way…

After many attempts to contact her, she finally responded that they would be later than what she had told me.  Two hours later.  I tried not to be worried or angry.  I mean, after all… she was at church with people I trusted.  But I was tired.  And it was late.  When she entered the house that night, my first reaction was to tell her she would not be going back for a while.  Maybe that is what I said.  Who knows?  I was trying to remain calm and collected after being worked into a frenzy.

She went back to her room.  I knew I had upset her.  I had been unfair.  She had been at church!  With good people!  So, I went back to her bedroom to talk to her and ask her how her evening had gone.  And what I saw shocked me.

Big girl was on her bed with her Bible open.  READING!  Voluntarily!

When I asked her about the meeting she cried.  Happy tears!  Tears of praise that we all have cried when we have felt filled with the Holy Spirit.  She talked about how their meeting was so much different from our youth group meetings (probably why our youth group numbers have been getting progressively smaller).  She talked about the guest speaker and how everyone openly accepted her and were so nice to her.

The next night was no different.  Big Girl was on fire and was letting that fire burn on!  She started a journal of bible verses… because the guest speaker challenged the youth to not just memorize the Word but to LEARN it.  To UNDERSTAND it.  And she was accepting the challenge!

I am praising God for His presence in her life.  For the fire that is in her.  I pray that fire never goes out.  As a mom, this has been a pretty awesome experience!

Now, it’s your turn!  Link up your stories of praise!!  To God be all the glory!  Make sure to link directly to your post, not just your homepage!


9 thoughts on “Monday Praises: Our First Link Up!

  1. Today I am praising God for the work He has been doing in me over the past week. He has been convicting me on some issues and letting me know that my hold up is me. I praise Him today for fullfillment of what is to come!

  2. I have one more praise. Today is my Mom’s last day of chemotherapy!!!!!! She was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago and although she is in remission she has had to continue chemotherapy every six months. That all ends today!!!!!!!

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! I know what it is like to a.) be late for curfew…haha and b.) be part of a youth group that you feel isn’t “going anywhere.” So I could really relate to this post.

    Praise God for His hand at work in your life and the life of your family! 🙂

  4. “He’s been faithful,faithful to me. Looking back your love and mercy I see. In my heart I question your their and I failed to believe but you been faithful,faithful to me.” Sung by vickie yohe. I’m giving thanks to Jesus for saving a wretch like me. He saved me from eternal damnation and I ever so thank Him for it. I was similiar to the woman with the issue of blood and had I not listened to His voice I would of died in the worst possible way. Without Jesus. But he spared me and I thank Him for it.God is still able:-)

  5. Great post today! Happy Monday! Today I’m praising God for giving me a loving and thoughtful in-laws! Yesterday, my mother, sisters, and brother in-laws prepared a post-birthday celebration for me! I was really touched with the surprise birthday cakes! And to think that it was already a week ago since my birthday! I know that not every wife has a good relationship with their in-laws so I really thank the Lord for giving them to me as a second family! 🙂

  6. What a lovely story! Today I got to witness a young teenager accept Jesus and get baptized. Today I praise God for teaching me not to take things for granted. Texas heat is horrible. We have no A/C and don’t have the money right now to repair it. We are living with a window unit for now. Praise God for wonderful friends that were able to let us borrow a window unit. In hard times and good time we have to praise God. I know he will provide

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