You’re Invited

I am very excited about tomorrow’s link up!  You are invited– tomorrow and every Monday following– to come by and link up your stories of praise!  We need to make Monday a day to rejoice!  Lift the name of God on high!

praises button

This link up has no bounds.  You can link a past post, a new post, a vlog, a video of praise and worship music… whatever expresses your praises to our Almighty Father!

Once you have linked your praise, make sure you share it with others!  Invite more to come and praise the Lord!  Read everyone’s posts.  Be sure to comment!  Let’s create a community of believers who are dedicated to praising the Father!  He has blessed us abundantly with gifts big and small… let’s get in the habit of seeing these blessings, recognizing God moving in our lives, and PRAISING HIM!!

I look forward to seeing this series grow, giving God all the glory!!


4 thoughts on “You’re Invited

    • Visit my blog tomorrow and there will be a link at the bottom of the post. Click on that and follow the steps to link up your post. Usually I go ahead and copy the URL from my post before I link up to another. That makes it easier. If everything works as it should, little thumbnails will show up for each person who links up so that you can visit each one. People who visit your blog can come see other posts or link up themselves by following my button on your blog.
      I am super excited!! God is moving! Thank so much!!

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