At the Moment

Just as soon as life slowed down after the Rhett Walker Band concert, I was back at work.  There is no rest for the weary.  But I did manage to squeeze in a play date with my nieces and a movie date with one of my favorite former students.

Here’s what I am doing at the moment:

Percy Jackson 2 Sea of Monsters

Watching… I picked up Raiford on a Wednesday morning.  I have known him his entire life.  Not only has he grown up in my church and been a part of my children’s choir, but I taught him in third and fifth grades.  He is a genius.  Literally.  And I love him immensely.  Because we are both Percy Jackson fans, we have been planning a date to see the new movie since he was in third grade… two years ago.  Since it finally came out this summer, I had to put my money where my mouth is and make good on my promise.  It began with pizza buffet for lunch and ended with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.  Loved it!!  Raiford and Big Girl argued points of the book all the way home, but despite some inconsistencies everyone loved it!!

your own jesus

Reading…  I am reading Your Own Jesus by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns.  Thoroughly loving every word.  I am sure there will be a future post about it.

Excited about… the new school year.  I have all 101 fifth graders, and many of them I have already taught.  There are so many possibilities with a new year.  I am excited about each and every one.

Studying… yep.  You guessed it.  I am still trying to get my group to finish Outlive Your Life.  then I am moving on!  With or without them, I am moving into Ecclesiastes!

There is so much going on in the Kelly household.  Business trips, football season, Laundry Love #2, baby and wedding showers, preparing cantatas and musicals, harvest sales… whew!  I can barely catch my breath from the thought of it all!  But God is moving in each and every step, so I am happy to follow Him and serve Him!

That’s what I am doing at the moment… what about you?

DON’T FORGET!   Starting next Monday, August 26 (the first day of school in my county), I will be hosting a weekly link up of praise!  Link your posts of praise to God, pictures of praise, or even videos/audio files of praise and worship music.  It is all about lifting praise to our Father.  We will be linking up every Monday, so maybe this will help us all focus on finding reasons to praise and ways to praise our Heavenly Father.  I hope you all join me!


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