Rhett Walker Band, Part 3

This week I am sharing our experiences in planning, preparing for, and celebrating the Rhett Walker Band concert for our church.  I began the week with video from the concert, then shared info of how we got the ball rolling on the concert, shared some great photos of the evening’s fun, and talked about the prep for the big event.

Hubby came up on stage, followed by Bonded by Faith, and the crowd went wild.  It was an amazing reception for our little group of 14… and it was just what they needed to shake off their nerves.  Hubby welcomed the happy crowd and prayed, inviting God’s presence into the hall and into the hearts of all in attendance.  He introduced the kids, jumped off the stage, and took his place in front of them.  Then they did their thing. And God did His.

Rhett Walker Concert 105Rhett Walker Concert 107

They sang 4 songs of praise and worship… two of the songs with tracks and the other two with our own guitarists (one of which is my sweet Big Girl… I was so proud).  The soloists, including my Little Man, sang with strong and sure voices.  There were shouts of “amen!” and whoops and hollers of encouragement.  The kids soaked it all in and their smiles grew bigger and bigger.

As their leaders, we could not have been happier.  They sang the best we have ever heard them sing.  As parents, we were busting at the seams with pride.  These youth were amazing.  And they received the standing ovation they deserved and God received all the glory.

Rhett Walker Concert 133Rhett Walker Concert 114Rhett Walker Concert 134

There was a short intermission allowing us to leave the stage and find our seats and the band to get their gear in place.  Then the rest of the show began.

Rhett Walker Concert 135Rhett Walker Concert 136

Rhett was amazing.  The music was pumping.  Kenny on drums was playing with all his heart.  I was tickled at how much he got into his music.  Joe ran out in the crowd. Kevin made the girls swoon.  Even tour manager, Chris, got his own shout out of the evening.  Rhett invited Hubby’s cousin on stage (just randomly) to sing some CCR.  They sang “Simple Man” at our request in memory of a dear friend.  Rhett climbed into the crowded seats and sang “Come to the River” with one of our youth.  It was amazing.

Rhett Walker Concert 184Rhett Walker Concert 156Rhett Walker Concert 173

After the show, the boys went downstairs for a meet and greet.  They graciously signed shirts, programs, tickets, guitars, and even bare arms.  They took hundreds of pictures.  They were kind, courteous, and gracious to each and every guest who waited to meet them.  People raved about the show… and we were in awe of how God had brought it altogether for His glory.  How could we have ever doubted?

Rhett Walker Concert 193Rhett Walker Concert 201Rhett Walker Concert 202

Psalm 90:17 (NCV) Lord, our God, treat us well.  Give us success in what we do; yes, give us success in what we do.

Rhett Walker Concert 204

Thanks for sticking with me so far.  There is still more to share of this story.  Join me tomorrow for the finale… God is good, people!!


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