The Rhett Walker Concert, part 1


Our church has been in dire need of new A/V equipment for quite some time.  When the worship committee broached the idea of purchasing new equipment, we called in a professional to assess our building and our needs.  They set up a plan, divided into 3 self-sustaining parts, that would help us meet our goal.

And as attainable as the goal appeared, $30K was not something we were prepared to tackle.

Hubby and I talked with our pastor about different ways we could try to raise funds.  If we could raise the $10K for the first part, maybe we could ease our way through the rest.  Being the music people that we are, we considered a series of shows using the talents in our church.  We knew that ticket sales and love offerings would only get us so far… but we were willing to try.

019012Rhett Walker Concert 020

Then one day last December, God planted a thought in Hubby’s head.  He was listening to our local Christian radio station when RWB’s song “When Mercy Found Me” came on.  He decided to just step out in faith and contact the band and see how hard it would be to get them to come and do a show for us.  He had a response by the end of the day.  God was setting things in motion.

We knew that the concert would be a powerful service for the Lord… we knew this because the devil tried attacking us almost immediately.  We had a luke-warm reception to the idea in our church.  People were worried that we were throwing good money after bad and that we would not even come close to raising $10k after expenses cleared.  But Hubby and I both knew God had planted this seed… and as I found myself telling Hubby often, it was no longer in our hands.

God had taken it and was doing His thing.

006Rhett Walker Concert 079Rhett Walker Concert 048

By late spring, we had enough money in corporate sponsorship to cover the expenses… that meant that ticket sales and concessions were all going into the A/V fund.  The problem was, no one was buying tickets.  We were expecting a sellout and we had barely sold 20 tickets for a 425 seat venue.  As disappointing and aggravating as that was, God kept prompting me to encourage Hubby:  The people will come.

Two weeks ago, we still had over 200 tickets to sell.  Even I was beginning to worry.  But I know my God can do anything.  Faith is a hard thing sometimes… but I knew that having faith in God meant that I had to let the worry go and trust that He would bring the people who needed to be there.  Last week, with mere days before the event, we had sold all but 70 tickets.  This was happening.

Joshua 1:9 (NIV) Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Rhett Walker Concert 054Rhett Walker Concert 053

There is so much more to share of this story.  Join me over the next few days and let it all sink in… God is good, people!!


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