Monday Praise Music

This weekend was the Rhett Walker Band concert I have been waiting for so long.  They came to play for our church at the request of my Hubby as a fundraiser.  They were so gracious and so awesome.  I have a lot to share with you about that awesome night and all that God has done!

One of the best things about the evening is that the band agreed to allow our youth choir to be their opening act.  Hubby and I have been the youth and children’s choir directors for the last year and a half together.  Hubby directs the youth and I assist, while he assists me with the littles.  Both our kids are in the youth choir, known as Bonded by Faith.  They were able to sing four songs… and last night Little Man sang the solo for one of the songs.  I am one proud mama, wife, and leader!!  Forgive the iPhone video and the fact that I missed the very end of the song… watch and be blessed.


3 thoughts on “Monday Praise Music

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