At the Moment…

I have a lot of things in the works right now.  I have had TWO girls’ days out!  TWO!  Yay!  I am completing a LOT of video projects (I am working more now than when I had my business!!).  I am running errand after errand for the Rhett Walker Band concert NEXT WEEK!  Plus, I have a personal project in the works… more on that later.

This is what I am up to at the moment…

Watching… I am embarrassed to admit it, but Hubby and I are hooked on “Naked and Afraid” on the Discovery Channel!  I remember seeing the initial advertisements for the Survivor-style reality show and thinking how crude it was.  And although I am completely against the fact that two strangers should be exposed to each other in such a way, I am completely drawn in to their plight!  And, friends, the ladies are amazingly brave and they rock!!


Reading… I am back to reading Delirium… but I am finding myself running out of time!!  And, unfortunately, I bought it on my Kindle for iPad app… and I have a lot of trouble reading books on that!  I love it.  And I have read a LOT of books on it… but it does not replace the look, feel, and smell of a real book.  So, maybe I will have more to tell you about the book later…


Excited about… there is only one more week till Rhett Walker Band arrives in OUR town to put on a concert for US!  I am so excited about what this means for our church and our community.

Studying… I am still studying Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado… It has been more than four weeks (it is only a four-week study) and we are just on week 2!!  I am having no participation!  I am trying hard not to be discouraged.  But, people, it’s tough!!



I am feeling the last bits of summer slip through my fingers… I return to school in less than two weeks.  I know that life is about to get really busy in my house: the concert, youth football for the Hubby, school, church harvest sales and special events… then it is hunting season and holidays.  I want to hold on to these last days of laziness!

Well, that’s what I am busy doing… what about you?



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