Pooh Pooh and the Basketball Team


I do not know when this story takes place.  I know my Pooh Pooh was a teen, and I know it was a very different time from today.

Pooh Pooh and her twin were very good athletes.  They played for their school’s basketball team.  They were star players and they were champions.


My Pooh Pooh, left, with her fraternal twin sister, Geneva.

They always beat their rival team.  It became expected that when the two would meet up, my Pooh Pooh’s team was sure to smoke them.  It was so expected that when their next game was coming up, the team did not feel like they had to practice.  What was the point?  They were sure to win.

Pooh Pooh and her twin did not feel the same as their teammates.  They felt they should practice.  They felt that they shouldn’t underestimate their rivals, nor should they overestimate their own abilities.  Despite the urgings of the twins, the team refused to practice.

Pooh Pooh and her twin hatched a plan.  I mentioned it was a different time.  Apparently, back in that day it was not at all difficult to not only transfer schools but to also join the basketball team and be game ready right away!

The day of the big game arrived.  The twins and their new team were well-prepared and highly practiced… while the old team paled in comparison.  The twins beat their former team.  And to add insult to injury, they added these words of wisdom: “we told you, you should have practiced.”

Now, it would be a good story if it ended there.  But my Pooh Pooh always had to add, in her typical pessimistic way, that the twins returned to their original school and their original team.  And they got their smug tails beat up!


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