At the Moment…

This week has been rather boring lack luster.  I enjoyed afternoons of pure laziness… even a few evenings with Little Man in the pool.  I ran errands for Hubby to help prepare for the upcoming concert.  I have even played personal chauffeur to Hubby when he got tendonitis in his foot and couldn’t drive. On the blog, my linky party was a disaster flop, since no one actually linked up… but plenty of people came and read, so I can’t really complain.  I am looking with longing for my next paycheck (this has been a long and expensive month) so that we can begin exploring again… but that only means I will be that much closer to the end of summer.  Sigh.

This is what I am doing at the moment…

Watching… Ok, I am about to share my shallow side… ALL MY CHILDREN!  Thank you OWN!  I was so sad when AMC left the air in September 2011. And with a cliffhanger no less!  They were anticipating a move over to the internet… but that did not happen until earlier this year.  And when they announced they were returning, I was not super excited because 1) it looked like most of the cast was no returning and 2) it was going to cost money to watch.  Then, in a moment of boredom random channel surfing, I found it!  It’s back!  And I don’t think I have missed much at all!  It is only 30 minutes long now, they have recast some of the players and written off others (with the hope they will return), but it is my beloved Pine Valley and I am happy.

all my children

Reading… Now I am about to show the side of me that never finishes anything (which rarely shows itself, but has reared its ugly head a few times this summer…) Wife After God.  No, I haven’t finished the (in)Courage book club selection, Bread and Wine.  No, I haven’t finished Delirium.  But I had to read this!  My online friend, Amy, posted about this devotional from Unveiled Wife.  I purchased it for my Kindle app right away.  And I am loving it.  I read it each morning following my SRT devotion and my lesson from Outlive Your Life (my summertime commune with God lasts several hours and I love every minute of it!).  I will still read the other two books… I vow to finish them before the end of the summer!!  But this devotion is a MUST READ!


Excited About…  Big Girl is driving!!  She is still not ready for her license, despite the fact that she is 16.  But she finally wants to drive.  And she is pretty good.  Maybe she will be ready to get her license by Christmas… but I am not rushing it.  Adding her to my insurance is going to be wicked expensive!!  She can stay this way the entire school year for all I care!!


Studying… I am still studying Outlive Your Life.  I have to admit I am discouraged.  I’ll share more about that tomorrow…

Missing… cash.  I did already mention that I am wanting with longing for my next paycheck.  Being paid once a month– and on a teacher’s salary at that!– does hold up well to day trips, barbecues, sleepovers, and birthday parties.  Hubby and I have been working to become debt free– and that means that I do not have credit cards to get me through the summer.  But I know God wishes me to only be obligated to Him (sorry Citicards), so I will continue to eat my mac and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if it means that I am closer to my goal… but some Starbucks would be nice…

Craving… did you miss it?  STARBUCKS!!  Treat receipt is on right now!  I am not too sad to be missing it, though… they are using it to  promote their new line of refreshing drinks… and although I am sure they are good, I prefer my Frappuccino.  (Not to mention the introduction of these new drinks meant that they did NOT bring back my summer favorite: Mocha Coconut!!)


Following… Feedly made me very angry this summer when not only did their app crash to Apple customers, but when I finally got back on, they had lost all my saved subscriptions!!  I guess that was a sign that I was reading way too many blogs and needed to stick with my favorites.  So today, I want to highlight APeachinItaly.  She is one of my SRT sisters and a great writer!!  I laugh out loud at her conversations with God.  She is so amazingly funny.  She is embarking on a fabulous adventure at the moment: touring the US one roller coaster at a time!  How fun is that?!  I cannot wait for her to post about her travels!  It is sure to be a good read!


So, that’s what I have been up to… sorry it was so wordy.  What are you doing these days?


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