You’re Invited!

This is post #99!  Tomorrow marks my 100th post!  Yay!  I know this is not a big feat for some, but I am super excited about this milestone.

you're invited

My excitement has rolled over into a crazy big idea.  I am hosting a summer linky party.  I have never ever done anything like this, and am really nervous about the outcome.  But I thought I would be a fun way to include my followers (all 32 of you) in celebrating with me.

Here’s the deal: think about your fondest summer memory.  Maybe it is from your childhood.  Maybe it is more recent, like last week. 🙂  Either way, let’s share together about our summer fun!  Link up with me tomorrow: a blog post or a vlog, it doesn’t matter.  Maybe your memory will be eloquently written; maybe it will be a collection of pictures that say all the words for you.  Either way, let’s share.


So, check in tomorrow (or after 1:00 am EST) and add your link.  Make sure you grab my button (on the right) and include it so your readers can link up too!  I hope to hear from all of you!


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