At the Moment…

Happy 4th!  I am sorry to be so late, but I have been very busy preparing for and celebrating with family!  I have so much I will be sharing with you about my very wonderful summer.  For now, let’s see what I am doing at the moment…

Preparing… I have mentioned before that I am reading Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist.  Just reading her wonderful stories has me craving people in my home!  So, when my brother and his family said they wanted some of Hubby’s delicious barbecue, I jumped at the chance to host the family at my house!  But, this meant that I needed to get started on my bucket list: makeover my kitchen!  Big Girl and Little Man were a big help and I am in love with the results!!!


Celebrating…  With the kitchen done, I was ready to host a big 4th of July cookout with my family!  What a celebration!  We picked blueberries, swam, giggled, and ate great food!  It was so great spending time with the people I love most in this world!


Excited About… Rhett Walker Band will be here performing a concert for our church in just 36 days!!  Yay!  I am so excited about how God will use this event.  Not only do I pray that it will help raise much-needed funds for our church, but I am also praying that many people will be brought to Christ!


Reading/Studying…  I hope we can begin our study from Max Lucado’s Outlive Your Life on Sunday.  I had planned to begin the study this past week, but I literally had no one show up for Sunday School this week!  It was depressing.  I covet your prayers that our group will take a more active role in the church, in their education of the Word, and in living an active life of service for the Lord.  I also request your prayers that I will not be discouraged during this season.


Missing…  I am missing my brother again… he has left for his home and work in Egypt, which if you have been following the news is in a state of turmoil.  My sister-in-law and nieces are remaining stateside for the remainder of the summer, but I worry about my little brother…

I took this picture to prove that Big Girl looks just like my brother... but she could not keep a straight face!  It is the eyes and nose that are so similar...

I took this picture to prove that Big Girl looks just like my brother… but she could not keep a straight face! It is the eyes and nose that are so similar…

Grilling… Oh yes we are!!  I wish I had taken a picture!  Hubby grilled a pork shoulder, baby back ribs, and chicken wings!!  Mom brought mexicorn salad, tomato pie, cole slaw, green beans and new potatoes, and cherry fluff!  We were stuffed!!!  It was soooooo good!  And the great thing about cooking so much?  My little family gets leftovers tonight!  YUM!

There is still much fun to be had!  What are you enjoying at the moment?


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