At the Moment…

I love summertime.  I haven’t slept in a bit, but I have been using my mornings to commune with God… which makes the lack of sleep all worth it!  I have also been catching up on some reading!!  Yay!  Now, if I could just find the strength to get to work on this nasty house…

Here are some of the things I am doing at the moment:

Watching… summer time is a great time for watching movies!  We finally talked Hubby into watching Brave (he had no clue who Merida was when he saw her at Disney).  Big Girl finally got me to watch one of her favorite movies currently on Netflix: Unconditional.

I love the tagline to this movie:  It's not a dead end if it takes you somewhere you need to go.

I love the tagline to this movie: It’s not a dead-end if it takes you somewhere you need to go.

OH. MY. GOODNESS!  I loved this movie!!  I really recommend it!  It has definite Christian themes and talks about God.  There is no sex or cursing.  The little bit of violence is necessary to the plot and is handled well.  I truly recommend it!!

Reading… my teammate at school handed me a book off her shelf and told me I should read it this summer.  I took it on the road to Disney and was nearly done by the time we got there!  It was that good!  Divergent by Veronica Roth.  WOW!  If you were a fan of The Hunger Games, you will definitely like this read.  It is not exactly like it, but along the same line.  I was so into the story that I purchased the second book as soon as I got home!  And read it in a day!!  Now, I am depressed having to wait until October for the third book of the trilogy. 😦  (If you don’t enjoy reading, take heart!!  They are currently filming the Divergent movie for release next year!!)


Excited about… The kids and I are exploring!  It is my favorite part of summer!  Of course, I have to include Disney as our first explore.  It was way too expensive special to not include!  You have already seen our trip to the cliffs (if you haven’t, look here… this was an explore the wee ones would just as soon forget).  We also took a trip to the beach with my girl scout troop, which ended with a short trip to Fort Macon (Little Man’s favorite explore from last year).  Pictures to come for that outing… I feel a wordless Wednesday coming on…

Fort Macon 062513 021

The weather in the state of the pines does not look like it will be cooperating with the explores I have planned for next week.  So, I am going to have to get creative…

Studying… Proverbs.  Yes, I am nearly finished.  I know my class has probably gotten nothing from it, but I have learned a great deal!  My notebook is filled with notes of different colored inks and lots of quotes and points to memorize.  I have really gained a lot from this study.

I am excited about the fact that THAT class is about to take on our first topical study!!  More on that tomorrow…

Missing… NOTHING! (thought I would say school, right!  Nope!  I am loving my freedom!)  This summer, I think I will completely leave out the whole “missing” and “craving” sections and talk about grilling!  Grilling season has started and Hubby is a master griller!  I cannot wait to share some of his delicious meals with all of you!  I have already stocked the freezer with wings, tenderloins, steaks, salmon, chicken… you name it! YAY!

IPAD 390

He calls his kitchen “Slap Yo Mama Café”… I don’t mind it… it is seriously that good!

So that’s what’s going on with me these days… how about you?  Link up and let me know how you are spending your summer!


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