Pooh Pooh and the Chain Gang

I have already told you that my grandmother is a unique individual.  Because I have already told you the story, I will henceforth refer to her as Pooh Pooh.  Today’s story is how my Pooh Pooh helped an inmate escape.

Pooh Pooh was born in rural Georgia in the 1920s.  Of course, just like any grandparent worth their salt, she walked to school. 5 miles. uphill. both ways.

Georgia was known for their chain gangs: groups of inmates, harnessed together with ankle chains, working in the red Georgia clay to build the roads and highways.  Pooh Pooh was one of 4 children in her family.  She and her siblings, along with a few neighbor children, were walking to school and came across road construction that utilized a chain gang.

My Pooh Pooh, Genora, and her fraternal twin sister, Geneva, age 2.

My Pooh Pooh, Genora, and her fraternal twin sister, Geneva, age 2.

One of the inmates was unchained and ordered to carry each child across the red Georgia clay so they would not have to muddy their school clothes.  The man gently carried first one child then the next across the construction site.  He put each one on solid ground and returned across the way to gather up the next.  Pooh Pooh stood patiently as she waited, watching each of her siblings and friends take their turn in the arms of the inmate.

Finally, it was Pooh Pooh’s turn.  She was the last.  The inmate gathered her up in his arms.  He carried her to the grassy area on the other side.  Then, just before he reached the grass, he threw my Pooh Pooh to the ground and took off running!! Of course, the way she tells it he chose her as his path to freedom because she was not as pretty as the rest and he didn’t mind getting her dirty.  Sigh.

No one in the family knows whatever became of the escaped inmate.  He lives on forever in infamy as the man who got the best of my Pooh Pooh!


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