Proverbs: the Nitty Gritty

Whew!  I’m still studying Proverbs.  Anyone else with me?  We have officially moved into the Proverbs, where before now we were just preparing ourselves for these jewels of wisdom.  Since Chapter 10, I have found it much harder to read and understand.  The verses are disconnected from each other.  The figurative language often goes over my head.  It is wonderful to have the comments from the SRT Proverbs study; without them I would have been lost on more than one occasion.

Want to know the secret that has gotten me through these difficult proverbs?  Raechel at SRT offered this suggestion for studying the scriptures:

1. Read the chapter through with a pen in your hand. Mark it up however you like, but the main thing is that I want you to put an asterisk next to the verse or verses that make you the most uncomfortable.

2. Read and copy it down it in at least three different versions.

3. Now, write it in your own words.

4. Pick out two words from your verse and define them (i.e. righteousness & enduring).

5. And finally, pray this verse back to the Lord.

Believe me… this HELPS!  You have to devote a little more time in the Word, but it is well worth it!!  I started trying this with Chapter 11.  I highlighted a lot of verses that had some meaning to me.  But one stuck out: verse 23.

Be sensible and don’t tell everything you know– only fools spread foolishness everywhere. (CEV)


I wrote the verse down in NCV, The Message, CEV, and KJV.  The word that popped up more than once to define was “prudent”.

Prudent: adjective.  wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober.

This definition led me to define both sagacious and circumspect.  Both of these words are similar, meaning that you are cautious and discerning.  So, a wise person is very discerning in what they say to others.  That means they don’t tell secrets, they don’t gossip, and they don’t ramble on about things that should be kept private.  The opposite (referred to as a “fool” in every translation I used), will speak too freely.  They will gossip, tell secrets, and share things that should be kept private.

And guess what?  The Holy Spirit had me use, repeat, and ponder this very verse that same day!!  God is so good!!!

Digging deep in God’s Word: that is the crux of this challenge.  If you are hanging with me, give this strategy a try.  If you aren’t, try this strategy with any study you do in God’s word.  His word will not return void.  I guarantee you will learn from it!  And God will bless you!


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