I thought it might be fun to write a little about my maternal grandmother.  She is quite the character.  I had once entertained the idea of writing book(s) about her life… and maybe that could still come to pass.  They would definitely be an entertaining read!!

I guess I have to begin with her name.  Not her given name, which is Genora Freeman Green.  No, I mean the name we grandkids call her: Pooh Pooh.  This has been a point of ridicule and shame once each of us reached middle school.  Only our closest and dearest hear us use that name these days.  Other times, we just call her our grandma… but she is our Pooh Pooh.

Genora Freeman Green

Genora Freeman Green

This deserves a story all its own, of course.  See, Genora is from rural Georgia.  Just as other grandmothers call kids “sweetie” or “darlin'” or “honey”, she calls us kids “Puddin'”.  She is the mother of two: identical twin girls (she was, in fact, a twin herself).  She is the grandmother of 4: three girls and my little brother.  Each one has been lovingly referred to as Puddin’ for as long as we can remember.

My cousin Leigh was the first grandchild.  She was called Puddin’ from the day she was born.  But something happened when Leigh was beginning to form words of her own… Leigh tried to call my grandmother “Puddin'” in return.  She was tiny and spoke as most babies do and her attempt at “puddin'” became “Pooh Pooh”.

All the family was around and they immediately tried to fix the mistake.  Can’t have the matriach of the family referred to so heinously!  But my Pooh Pooh would have none of it!  It that was what her grandbaby wanted to call her than that was her name!

Forty-four years later, my grandmother is still Pooh Pooh to the four of us… but also to the nine great-grandchildren we have given her.  Our closest friends all know and love her as Pooh Pooh… and so does everyone in her town!  She even had a license plate with the moniker for some time!!

But I guess that’s what grandmothers do… they love their grandchildren unconditionally.  They love them enough to let themselves be called Pooh Pooh.  (aside… I did try to get my own mother to accept the name when Big Girl was born and she would have none of it!!  Who can blame her?)  Truly, as I share more about this unique woman, you may find some other reasons for taking on that name… but that is for another time.


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