Wisdom vs. Folly

In THAT class, we are reading Proverbs.  I issued a challenge to all of you to join us in reading one proverb a day for 31 days.  I am on day 10 today (trying to stay one day ahead of my class so I can lead them) and I am LOVING it.  I am making a lot of my own notes, but I am also looking to SRT’s Proverbs study for some insight.  Proverbs 9 contrasts the ways of Lady Wisdom and the ways of Lady Folly.

Lady Wisdom builds, prepares, sends out, calls, provides, and is gracious.

Solomon often personifies wisdom as a woman in the streets calling out to people.  She implores them to have good sense.  She begs them to listen to her words and bind them to their hearts (to wear them like jewelry).  Raechel from SRT makes the connection between this Wisdom personified and our own Jesus Christ.  Wisdom is calling for us, actively seeking us out.  All wisdom begins with the Lord.  Wisdom points us to Him.  Why wouldn’t wisdom personified be the Christ?  He builds a Kingdom for us with His Father.  He prepares a place for us.  He sends out His disciples and calls us to be fishers of men so that others will come to know Him.  He calls us to Him.  He provides for our every need.  He is gracious and merciful and everything we will ever need. AMEN


Lady Folly (called Stupidity in the CEV translation and Madame Whore in the Message) is loud.  She is seductive.  She knows nothing.  She’s waiting and calling to us.  She lies and entices.  She calls others to her, but all of her guests are dead. doomed. damned.

If Wisdom personified is the Christ, couldn’t this stupidity, this folly, be the devil?  He tricks and traps and entices and calls us in with what we think we want.  But he knows nothing.  And if we follow, we know nothing.  We are doomed.

Can you see Wisdom at work in your life?  If so, praise God!  If not, why not?

Can you see folly at work in your life?  If so, where?  Repent and ask God for direction to walk away.  Stay out of Folly’s neighborhood (Proverbs 5:8 MSG), do not go anywhere near temptation.



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