Did you ever stop to think that there are 31 days in an average month and there are 31 chapters in Proverbs??  That is one chapter a day.  Each chapter is full of godly wisdom that is designed to help you life more connected to God.

THAT class is finally up to Proverbs.  I was really nervous about that.  I was.  I mean, I am having a hard enough time getting my class mates to come to Sunday School let alone read the bible daily!  I couldn’t even get them to read daily posts from Psalms that I put on Facebook religiously each morning.  Sigh.

I was really nervous about leading a discussion on Proverbs.  Not only am I grossly unprepared and unqualified to lead these discussions, have you seen the first few chapters?  Reading them dredged up my past and brought some definite feelings of shame and fear. Sigh.

I was really nervous… then it hit me that SRT did a study on Proverbs last year.  I was not a part of the community then.  I stumbled across it during my marathon vlog viewing session.  I read through the first two devotions and came away feeling more clear and confident.  I could go into great detail on how God is pointing out to me that my sin is exactly why this ragtag group of people feel comfortable around me and that Proverbs is meant to help me move forward not life in my guilt-ridden past.  I could explain that God is showing me that I am just as much a student as my class mates are and that I am only a facilitator for His Word.  HE is the teacher.  Yep, I could go on and on… but what would be the point in that?  That is MY lesson… He has a different, more personal one for you.


So, would you like to take this challenge with me and the rest of THAT class?  Read a Proverb a day for the month of June (and a day or two in July… hee hee).  I am posting a link to the first day of the SRT study here if you choose to go there.  OR you can go completely out on your own.  However you want to do it.  No rules.  Just take the step with me into His word.  And let me know what you discover!!


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