Prayers in the Storm

Needing prayers this weekend, friends.  Dealing with parenting issues right now that I was just not prepared to deal with yet.  I am praying for wisdom.  I am praying for guidance.  I am praying for favor.  I am praying for comfort.  Sigh.  With all the praying I have been doing this weekend, I am still feeling like my head is barely above water and sinking fast.

And despite all of this turmoil, I still want to praise my God.  I want to thank Him for my Big Girl.  I want to thank Him for my earthly daddy who has given us some very wise advice and support.  I want to praise Him for a husband that would turn to Him for guidance and show mercy and love rather than anger and rage.  I want to praise my Father.  If there is one thing that I have learned through the last year and a half it is that if my God brings me to the storm, He will bring me through the storm.

Summer is fast approaching.  I have a lot of little reasons to be thankful for that.  Summer allows us the time to heal, mend, and rebuild.  I pray that Big Girl is as open to rebuilding as we are.  She wants to be so grown up… I need to let her approach God’s throne on her own.  When she is ready.  When it means something to HER.  Can I pray that it be right now? 🙂

I will praise Him in this storm.  I will praise Him when it passes.  I will praise Him when we feel at our weakest.  I will praise Him when He makes us strong again.

But, for now… I need your prayers.  Hubby needs your prayers.  Big Girl needs your prayers.

I love you all.  Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Prayers in the Storm

  1. I am praying for you and your family Amy! Whatever it is that you are working through, may the Lord grant you all peace and comfort as He leads you through the other side of it all.

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