The Truth Is…

The truth is…

I failed the whole “Everyday in May” Challenge big time.  I mean, you cannot post every day in May and be offline for nearly a week.

I am BUSY.  My classroom is slowly going back into boxes and crates.  My students are testing. again. tomorrow.  And I am counting down the days.

I am ready for vacation.  Period.

I am feeling very fat and old.  I got back on the treadmill tonight after seeing a before and after picture of a friend of mine.  Just over a year and 50 pounds down. AND she looked great in a bikini. online. on Facebook. yikes… I could NOT do that in my current state!

I intend to blog.  I want to blog.  I need to write and vent and purge and feel creative… but I cannot commit right now.  This time of the school year is crazy.  But I promise to try.  Just know I am still here.



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